New here fostering a ACD with a question

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Barked: Thu Jul 26, '12 10:05pm PST 
We started fostering Lucy a 9 month old ACD. There are so many amazing things about Lucy we love we think we want to keep her but we need to work out some issues, Biggest one, she hates Ellie our 8 year old lab mix and Ellie hates her back. We have to keep one kenneled while the other is out. Has anyone tried to do this and did you ever succeed. Next she is a jumper whether it be the fence or on the table. But she is a good listener and normally once we tell her know she backs off. She is amazing with children, and to smart for her own good. We walk her twice daily and play lots during the day but it seems almost its never enough she always has this look in her eyes like whats next mom? Oh well any and all suggestions would be great, even if she ends up in a forever home with our help we still want her to be the best little ACD she can be.