New Pup. First time owner of this breed.

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Barked: Tue Jul 3, '12 7:16pm PST 
Hi everyone, My name is Connie and me and my husband decided to get an australian cattle dog as our companion. I done a lot of research before agreeing to get this breed. My husband had these dogs growing up and loved them. I know all dogs are different but from what he says and from what I read, they are loyal, protective, loving, energetic, happy dogs. I got a 9 wk old male. He is adorable. I've only had him a day so we haven't decided on a name as of yet.

He seems to be very content. He has been doing good going to the potty outside and loves to play with the cat. lol I have a 6 yr old female pit mix. She hasn't took up with him yet but we recently lost my Dobie Harley to heart disease. Me and Dixie ( my pit mix) had a difficult time with losing him. I'm sure she will warm up to him tho.

He had his first vet visit today. I didn't trust the breeder with her tractor supply vaccines!!! Vet said he was a very healthy pup. The breeders dogs were very well taken care of. I guess some people just rely on those vaccines bc they are cheaper but I trust my vet and will do a full set of vaccines thru him.

I can't believe how good he is!!! Will it last????? lol He follows me wherever I go. I am already in love with him. He loves to lay on the air conditioner vents. I got him a new bed and he won't even lay on it. He prefers the throw blanket next to the air vent.

When I had my Dobie I was on a forum so I figured I would join on for this breed.

I have done a lot of reading about this breed and about training. but, does anyone have any definite DO's and DONT's???? Also, is it normal for this breed to be laid back. He seems to be even as a pup, or maybe he is just getting used to his environment. I was expecting a handle full. lol

I'm just here to say hello and welcome any info anyone is able to give on what to really expect with this pup. He will be rotten, enjoy lots of fetch, frisbee, camping, hiking and car rides.

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Barked: Tue Jul 17, '12 2:25pm PST 
Congrats on your new pup, he is a cutie. ACD's are very strong willed, or stubborn as many like to call it. In training you have to be VERY consistent in everything that you do. Also they are known for making a strong bond to one person, and not caring much about anyone else. They can sometimes be laid back in nature (mine is) but don't let that fool you into thinking that they still don't need exercise (appropriate for age) and stimulation. ACD's are very smart dogs and they love to please their humans. My ACD Dingo is typical I think. All I have to do is give him a look and he knows if he did something wrong. Start early in your training and be sure to socialize your little pup well once he finishes all his vaccines so as not to become aggressive (which can sometimes be a trait). Enjoy your new addition and can't wait to hear more about him.