Australian Cattle Dog Mix?

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Barked: Mon Dec 5, '11 11:09pm PST 
I guess this is a long shot but Andi is just a little mystery as to her mix. She was called a shepherd mix at the shelter, however, i see no german shepherd in her. Some people have said pit mix, though her face somewhat resembles a pit, but other people say no. She probably has lab in her though. I cam across Australian cattle dog and her face has the look. She is very intelligent and learns quick. She is very loyal to me and will follow me every where though she does get bored quick, and then again she is only 6 months. Loves to run and jump around, and she can jump, like a crazy dog, and her energy level at times is very high, I have been considering agility training. She loves most people, barks only at noises and people that she dislikes. She also likes to nip when wanting attention, and it tends to be the feet. Right now she is 30 lbs at 6 months, but I don't know how much bigger she will be, the vet says 60 lbs. I am so curious about what she is yet I am hesitant to spend the money on a DNA test.

Any thoughts, I have been around the forum looking at other breeds, ACD and Chinook come closest to Andi so far. And I doubt I rescued a Chinook puppy.

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why are they not- all bowing?
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Honestly i see absolutely no ACD whatsoever, they have some pretty distinctive traits that carry even into a mix. Things like the tickming (spots) face shape etc. If you want some educated guesses go to the forums section of dogster and post some good clear pics in the puppy section with 'breed guesses' in the topic line. Good luck.

Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 12:29am PST 
She's probably a lab/pit/shepherd. They can look extremely varied and she ticks those boxes in my head.

I'd agree that she's not an ACD mix. Her face and build are all wrong.

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