broken harted heeler

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Errinna "lovable- redhead"
Barked: Tue Mar 25, '08 7:50am PST 
Well we recently had to take Seth to the vet for a broken leg an he had to stay there all afternoon. I went home to check on Rinna an decoverd that she was wondering around the living room whimpering an crying. I took her outside to get some air an she started sniffing around like she was looking for somthing then she sat in front of me an cried like I have never heard before. I think she missed Seth when he was gone,. Has anyone else experianced this with there dogs
Sam. :)

Barked: Sun Mar 30, '08 6:43pm PST 
I've never experienced it, but here's a Gangster heeler hug fur you! hug

Daddys little- Princess
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 10:04am PST 
little angel Jersey had to go to the vet to be spayed and Bo stayed home by himself, but we've never had Jersey with out Bo so I'm not sure how she would react. I'm almost positive that she would have been whimpering and looking for him constantly. Sounds like separation anxiety.