A set back

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Errinna "lovable- redhead"
Barked: Tue Oct 2, '07 9:31am PST 
Well Errinna has had a little set back in her training but I think it was more our fault then hers shes been doing this training where to get her to stop going in the house we have to keep her on a leash with us at all times and let her out to poop periodiclly. well yesterday she finally went to the bathroom outside and she was doing so well that we let her off the leash and she went in the dinning room well we didnt catch her at it so we couldnt stop her in time and she went back on the leash. I think we let her off the leash to soon after all she only started this training this last weekend and even though she was doing really well no one can expect training to work a miricle in just three days so we will countinue with this training and hopfully we havent set her back to far