what do i do

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pssssss get em
Barked: Sun May 27, '07 7:21am PST 
when spanky thinks of nothing but herding or playing ball when we try to do nothing hes herds the coffee table

Demolition Dog
Barked: Sun Jun 3, '07 10:51pm PST 
You could get a big ball for him to herd. I think they're called Boomer balls. They're made of hard plastic and come in different sizes- Zelda's has about a 12 inch diameter. She likes to push it around and when it rolls away from her she runs in front of it to stop it.
Finn McCool

a good ACD is a- tired ACD!
Barked: Mon Jun 18, '07 6:24pm PST 
That's a great idea! It's hands down Finn's favorite toy. Now that we have a bigger yard with less obstructions, he gets going super fast. I think Finn's was called a Best ball, which was more directed towards a pig's toy...yes a pig's toy!

Buela Grace

Are we going for- a car ride yet?
Barked: Sat Jun 30, '07 12:56pm PST 
We play fetch, and Buela will fetch for nearly forever. It's great to see her top line be perfectly level with the ground and be nothing but a blur of legs.....Like Finn's motto says, a tired Heeler is a good Heeler.

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Wanna play ball?
Barked: Mon Jul 2, '07 8:21pm PST 
First of all, I love your name BOL!! Second of all, you herd the coffee table? BOL!!! That's funny.
I've never gotten to herd anything like cows or horses before..I do herd William though, he's my grandpa and grandma's dauchsund!

pssssss get em
Barked: Sun Sep 23, '07 1:19pm PST 
we play ball for hours...but when mom gets tried i have to do something...so i herd the coffe table...its okay but it doesnt move to much...hehehehehwavewave

Fast Women Have- Good Times!
Barked: Wed Nov 28, '07 8:04pm PST 
get a bike and a side attachment. after about 6 miles we are deadd tired also if she is a serious herder try taking some herding classes come out and join the fun

Wana go outside- ?!?!?
Barked: Fri Dec 7, '07 1:06pm PST 
Mac loves to play with this big hard plastic orenge ball infact I have found a hand full of other acd's on this sight that love orenge balls to interusting? Anyway he loves to chace it and it helps burn off energy quick 10 mins of that and macs laying down in the grass lol.Maybe try a volly ball and kick it around...

he's one in a- million!!!!
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 6:42pm PST 
i LOVE my orange street hockey ball!!!! i love to play ball with it but i also just love to keep in my mouth & chew on it!!! mommy gets my street hockey ball from canadian tire...where do you get big orange balls or any big balls that are durable??? mommy has bought us soccer balls & basket balls which haven't lasted very long as my brothers & i can puncture them fairly quick. the only ball that holds up in our house are the street hockey balls or jolly balls.
Miss Buddie

Buddie the- Wonder Dog
Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 7:24pm PST 
Miss Buddie likes to get all of her toys out of her basket and herd them all into a circle. Then she takes turns playing with them all.