foot problem

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Barked: Wed Nov 21, '07 11:30pm PST 
Rosita has developed a kind of foot ulcer and we have taken her to the vet many times he thinks it’s boredom. If we could just get her to stop licking herself I think it would heal.
Here’s what we have tried.

#1 wrapping it with coban tape with Tabasco sauce on the outside

#2 putting bag balm on it and wrapping it.

#3 bag balm, wrap, a piece of PVC pipe and more wrap with bitter apple sprayed on the outside.

#4 blue wound spray and wrap.

#5 bag balm no wrap

Anyhow you all get the picture, aside from drugging her with Benadryl and giving her aspirin we are out of ideas.
Oh ya we also got her a couple of cows.

we are just out of ideas.

Barked: Sun Jul 19, '09 9:15pm PST 
GET A HEAD CONE!!!!! It may look weird and it's sooo funny to watch your baby bumbing into everything, but it worked for my A.S. Then put on the meds and it should take about aweek, the max 2 weeks (depending of bad it is). You can take it off to eat. Ask the Vet for some predizone for the ichiness. Save the cone when everything is healed because, it would come in handy when you A.S. gets into trouble again.

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Barked: Sat Dec 22, '12 10:29pm PST 
I know this response is old, but how old was your dog when this was happening?? I have a 10month old Anatolian and he has been having the same issue. I just kept washing with antibacterial soap and blow drying it. It healed up pretty fast. Finally realized it is from his toenail cutting him! It only happens when we run! I have tried wrapping his toenail in band-aids but he doesn't like it. Did it stop with your dog? He isn't full grown so I am hoping when he grows into his paws then the nail will stop rubbing. Hoping to get some advice though!