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Barked: Mon Jan 11, '10 7:07pm PST 
We finally made a decision and adopted Lola. She is a beagle/pitbull mix. (I am not sure if she is an apbt, amstaff, or bully breed. According to the owners, the mom is a beagle and the dad was a pitbull. After seeing the dad, I suspected he was an amstaff or bully mix since his chest was larger but not sure. If you want to venture a guess after looking at Lola, feel free.)
So Lola joins our family of 5 kids ages 10 months to 13 years. We also have two "barn/stray" cats, a pet hamster, and Abbey, our great pyreneese. We are a busy household. I researched pit breeds alot before adopting and honestly am nervous because of all the hype and people saying how destructive they can be if not well socialized, etc. Hopefully we will be great owners. Lola is doing pretty good with housetraining and loves her kennel now. She has her first training lesson at Petsmart tomorrow night. Abbey and her are getting along a little better. Abbey actually played with her for a few seconds before being aloof again. A plus in my book! Anyway, I just wanted to introduce Lola and thank you for the much needed advice.

Barked: Sat Feb 13, '10 6:44pm PST 
Dont be worried about the hype over pitbull , it has nothing to do with the breed but the owner. The most you would have to be worried is your pup not being nice to other dogs that wont be a problem if you get her well socialized in the petsmart classes. But pits love people and kids, you can watch this video to see some of the good there capable of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7IwdFwIhv0&feature=channel