Pit Bulls MUST be AKC registered to be American Staffordshires

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and just so you know its NOT all gang members and drug dealers who own these dogs here is some more reading for everyone enjoyblue dog

Welcome to Razors Edge, the home of the original American Bully.
This is where it all began, the breed, the movement, and the lifestyle.

In the late eighties Pits and Staffs did not look like the Razors Edge dogs of today. The styles were divided into three different worlds. ADBA dogs which catered more towards the original game Pits. UKC dogs who took the Pit Bull into more of a showing direction. The AKC who changed the breed into the American Staffordshire Terrier, and went into a completely different show world. All three types stemmed from the original breed, The American Pit Bull Terrier, but all three styles had moved into very different directions.

We saw the beauty in them all, but we wanted more. We wanted the drive and muscularity of the original Pits. We wanted the size and substance of the show Pits. We wanted a mellower demeanor and clean look of the Staffs, and the beautiful blue color we had only seen in them. We wanted something all the styles possessed, but with and extra Edge. We wanted Bully! There were already Bully styles within the breed, but none possessed the ultimate look we were searching for, and none consistently produced this look. This is how the concept for the look of Razors Edge began.

We wanted to produce heavier built dogs with heavy bone structure. More of the Bullier look. The breed was created by a cross of Terrier and Bulldog, and we wanted more of the Bully structure. (NOT re-introduce Bulldogs, but breed to pull heavier traits from within the existing breed. Mix breeding was NEVER an idea or option! You can breed for traits already prevalent to pull desired genes. Contrary to rumors, only Pits and Staffs which came from the same original American Pit Bull Terrier were used in the creation Razors Edge, NEVER another breed.)

We also wanted a hard look, a head that was bricked in shaped with a hard chiseled look, and short blocky muzzle. Size was important and we bred to create larger harder looking heads. Our concept was breed to produce females that look like males; hence one of our quotes, "The place where females out do other kennels males".

Fighting dogs for sport was illegal and we wanted to take the breed into a different direction, for the purpose of being the Ultimate companions. So we wanted to keep what we felt were the best characteristics of the breed. The stability behind the breed was its loyalty to its owners. We wanted to keep the stability with children and their families that the breed possessed. A breed so tolerant with children that it would never harm a child no matter how rough a child played or handled the dogs. A breed that would never bite the hand that feeds them, and know who its family is, and protect them under all circumstances. A breed that's only desire is to please its family. The only breed that loves to please its family so much, it does so with a smile on their face and eagerness to please in their eyes! The breed already possessed the temperament traits to be the Ultimate companion, and these were traits that had to carry on into the Razors Edge dogs.

By 1990 Razors Edge was finally mastered in its entirety, and the Bloodline was introduced to the world. For the first time there was a new look an attitude in the breed. Razors Edge began advertising the line in ways that have forever changed the way people describe the dogs today. "Home of the bone, heavy bone with substance, blocky brick shaped heads, dogs built with heavy bone and large heads but without compromise to movement, powerfully built dogs with full body muscularity from head to tail", the Bully look had begun.

A new look began and a new following of fanciers entered the breed. The difference in this mix of fanciers was its youthfulness and diversity. For once people got involved into doing something positive with their dogs that might not have done so before. This is the true beauty of Razors Edge! The dogs and the movement appealed to people who might not have been doing something positive with their dogs, for once they had an opportunity to be involved. There was no judging and no stereotyping, you could be yourself and enjoy your dogs, and do something positive. The following and movement grew, and the diversity of the fanciers became the beauty of the movement. Never before had people seen this diversity of people all in unity, all doing something positive, and all having fun. Razors Edge began having weekend BBQ's where people would bring their dogs, music would be playing, good food, and a mix of people who all dropped their shields to come together and just be people, and just enjoy the dogs.

Razors Edge has been misunderstood by people unwilling to see the beauty within. They look at the crowds and label people as thugs and other negative stereotypes, but that is ignorance and a serious misunderstanding. Razors Edge is for everyone wanting to do something positive for the breed. Razors Edge is for people who don't want to bow down or conform to the norm. Razors Edge is for people who do what they feel is right, not harming anyone or doing anything negative, but standing up for what they believe in and keeping a strong momentum into a positive direction. For looking past differences and seeing the beauty in diversity, for coming together for a common interest, for doing something positive for people and the breed! Razors Edge breaks beyond barriers of Race, Religion, and Region to bring people together for the love of their dogs. Razors Edge is a bloodline for anyone who fancies it, but much more it's a movement created by everyone who chooses to be involved. Razors Edge has opened doors which had been shut to certain people in the past.

Razors Edge is about RESPECT! Respecting people and respecting the breed!

As time went on people at certain shows did not want to see the diversity of people, and changed rules and standards to exclude the look of the dogs of these styles. People were turned away and made to feel unaccepted. So we went and created a place for us all and our dogs, so we could do what we felt was right for us and our style of the breed. We had already been calling our dogs the slang name "bullies", so we decided to add American to the name and claim it as our own. The following had grown, new bloodlines of this style began to grow as well as Razors Edge, and a new era began, the era of the American Bully.

The original Pit Bull was America's first true breed, they were used as our countries mascot in WW1, we grew up loving and watching Petey from the Lil Rascals, even a Pit Bull resided in the White House with President Teddy Roosevelt.

The American Pit Bull Terrier was America's first true breed.

Once the sport of dog fighting which our country had placed the breed in became illegal, the country turned its back on its own breed. A breed which would never turn its back on its country or family, and would never waiver from any task asked of it, was now forgotten and pushed into the shadows. The breed became an eye soar of the nation and deemed public enemy number 1. A breed that had done no wrong to its family or Nation, its only flaw was pleasing its owners and performing the tasks asked of them. The traits of loyalty and stability were forgotten and the breed became under seize by the nation of its creation.

There are now laws all across the Nation banning the breed. These laws are called BSL's, Breed Specific Legislations, which are laws banning certain breeds of dogs? Laws created against what our Nation was founded on, Free rights! Not only has our Nation abandoned its own breed, but it now has chosen to discriminate against the breed. A Nation with laws created to protect against discrimination, now has created laws based on discrimination!

Razors Edge is here to fight against these BSL's, and reintroduce the breed to the Nation who created it. To help rebuild the respect the breed deserves and to restore the honor to Americas true breed.

Dog fighting is illegal, so Razors Edge bred away from that trait and task. Pit Fighting is illegal, so we removed that part of the breeds name. Our dogs were created to be more of the bullier style in the breed, so we kept that part of the original name. We added the name of its nation back, and we gave the breed a new purpose, to be the ultimate companion, we reintroduce our nations breed with a new look and purpose, and new respect as The American Bully.

This is what Razors Edge stands behind, never to NOT acknowledge the past of the breed, never to disrespect the dogs that made out breed; only to give a new look and direction to the breed. To give a positive direction for people to promote the breed, and to come together in unity regardless of differences, appearances, or beliefs. Razors Edge was created for and by everyone, and Razors Edge respects everyone, and all styles of the breed. Razors Edge stands behind everyone and most important the American Bully. People can say this line and that line were used to create Razors Edge, but only Razors Edge look like Razors Edge. People can change the name of the line and try and call it their own, but you know when you see a Razors Edge dog, its still Razors Edge. You cant deny the line that created the dogs and created the movement. A movement that is now a lifestyle!

Razors Edge backs the registry that was created for us all and our dogs, and the only registry for the American Bully, The A.B.K.C.

The registry created for us all to give us a way to promote our dogs positively, to protect our breed, and to validate the American Bully. You may come across many imposters, hear many rumors, come across many people that try to discredit what we are; but, we will never waiver from what we believe in, and no one will stop the movement we all created. Razors Edge will continue progress in a positive direction and will continue to be for everyone. The lifestyle and movement grow day by day, and the dogs we all love continue to gain respect. Razors Edge is yours!

Thank you for the time taken to find out what and who Razors Edge truly is, we thank everyone for the support, and we RESPECT everyone who does right by the breed and by people, no matter the style or differences, WE ARE ONE......RESPECThamster dance

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My dog was told she is a pit bull but we got her DNA tested and she's at least 25% or more staffordshire terrier. There is no test for pit bull.
Molly Bird

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I was under the impression that AmStaffs were a bit more muscular looking that the APBTs.
I also think a lot of people will say they have and AmStaff because of some the nasty comments you can get when you say you have a APBT. A lot of people don't know what an AmStaff is. Some people would rather avoid an argument or hear that their loveable dog will turn on them and rip their heads off.
I know that the dogs my fiance and I have are at least half APBT. Their father was registered as one. Their mother, I'm fairly sure is APBT but it's hard to know for sure.
And our dogs did not come from drug dealers/gangsters and neither are we. Both parents came from loving families. Sure they were BYB, I won't deny that but you're making it sound like APBTs are a dime a dozen.

Molly Bird

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I'd like to add that neither of my APBTs look like "hippos".

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First of all you dont age Kobe beef second your wrong in everything you said
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I agree with almost everything that people who replied to this post said.
But here's something that I don't agree with. American Pitbull Terriers and American Staffordshire terriers aren't the same. Yes, they come from the same stock and you will have triple registered dogs, but that doesn't mean anything. Over 70 years(130 + generations) of breeding has separated the American Staffordshire Terrier from the American Pitbull Terrier.
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