I just got a pit puppy and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what kind of pit its is. TY

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I love my pit and ppl who have the misconception that they are aggresive and violent obviously have never had one.

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There is only one kind of pit bull and that is the American Pit Bull Terrier, Breeds commonly reffered to as pit bulls include the American Staffordshire terrier, The American Bully, and the Staffordshire bull terrier, but those breeds are NOT pit bulls..

Red nose pit bulls, and blue nose pit bulls are not a different breed, they are just a color, like a chocolate lab vs a yellow lab.

If you don't know what your dog is than we can't tell you, you need a pedigree to tell whether or not the dog is a pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier or not smile
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I think Pinkie looks a lot like Addie did when she was a puppy ( I have a puppy pic on her site). Addie is 50% pit, 50% mutt of some sort ( dad was a mixed breed). Shes probably pure pittie or a mix.

As posted before, theres only one breed but there are different colors. Color really truely doesnt matter, and some people try to make money off it , just preference