When someone asks what kind of dog you have

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Barked: Sat Oct 16, '10 6:25am PST 
Haha! Since I have five dogs, I reply with a crazy smile and honestly list all of the "breeds," including my Pit Bull. If their eyes fly out of their heads, I ask why and try to tell them a little about her loving personality. Sometimes, it's an opportunity to speak up for them, sometimes, it's just a hopeless cause!

I guess I'm lucky because I own my house and don't have to worry about a landlord. I can understand the fear of losing an apartment because of the type of dog you own. It's too bad - a dog should be evaluated as an individual, not as a breed. I've been bitten by plenty of small dogs... and NO pit bulls (I volunteer at a local shelter). Go figure!


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Barked: Sun Oct 17, '10 12:53pm PST 
My mommy and daddy aren't even really sure if I am an APBT mix (I might have some American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, and even some Dalmatian in me), but when somebody asks them if I'm a pit bull, they say "Yes!"

They're hoping that people will see how friendly and cuddly and sometimes-well-behaved I am and change their opinions about pit bulls.

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Barked: Mon Oct 18, '10 4:36pm PST 
Mine is a stray, so we're not sure if she's pure pit or not, but I suspect she is. I always tell people she is a pit, and I say it proudly. I find that some people will ask me about the breed. Sure, others will shy away, but I like the chance to educate people who aren't sure about them.


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Barked: Tue Oct 19, '10 8:27am PST 
If your dog is a pit bull then say it with pride. Use the opportunity to educate those who are of a negative mind towards the breed. Evie's breed is under some question. The rescue group labeled her as pit and choc. lab. Because she is so petite, I tell people that she is Staffordshire bull terrier and choc. lab. I like the confused expression I get in response. So many people are unaware of the many different terriers there are and use "pit bull" as a blanket for all bully breeds. Bully breeds ROCK!cheer

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Barked: Tue Oct 19, '10 1:04pm PST 
I never lie because you don't want to perpetuate the stereotype with pit bulls. I very proudly say is a pit bull mix or pit bull terrier. With most APBT's, there's no hiding what type of dog they are. Me and husband have good days where everyone thinks she's cute and bad days when people will turn around and walk the other way when they see Sheba coming. It's their loss...

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Barked: Wed Oct 27, '10 9:26am PST 
I proudly say she's a pittie. She's such a sweetie to those she knows, and she's so scared of people that it throws people off. Once she becomes acclimated I know she will be such a fine ambassador for the breed (she has the best temperament, she really loves the humans she trusts) that I am proud to own a rescued Pit Bull.

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Barked: Sun Nov 14, '10 6:33pm PST 
I'm also always proud to say Rylee is an APBT! She's a mix, and I always say she's a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix. She came from Animal Control so we're not entirely sure, but that's what she looks like to everyone. So far, all we've gotten are comments about how beautiful and cute and well-behaved she is, especially for only being 15 weeks old.

The more responsible bully breed owners there are telling people who meet their dogs how wonderful they are, the less bad opinions there will be of the breeds!

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Barked: Sun Dec 12, '10 4:56am PST 
Usually folks asks what is it? And I say she is a baby moose. Then they ask, is she a pit bull? And I say shhhhhhh she does not know that, Usually she looks at me "pit"tiful and I tell her no no that mean old man did not mean to call you that, folks don't understand.
Usually they leave us alone after that... I wonder why?

Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 1:54pm PST 
I say "a pittie"! lol
Kodi Pie - CGC ESA

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Barked: Wed Jan 26, '11 11:03pm PST 
I say he is an Akita/Pit Bull mix. Most people are suprised, more because of his looks rather than personality. Kodi is very sweet and an attention who... um hog. He is also not at all dog agressive. At the dog park they call him "hall monitor". He hates it when other dogs play too rough, get too agressive or are too hyper.
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