When someone asks what kind of dog you have

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Hats not cats!
Barked: Sun Jul 25, '10 3:05pm PST 
I usually say "I have two pitbulls" and then prepare to defend the breed, and sometimes I'm surprised that I don't have to. Sometimes I don't feel like chatting though and just say "I have two mutts from the shelter". It really depends on what kind of mood I'm in.
Bone Crusher

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Barked: Wed Jul 28, '10 9:05am PST 
Generally, people take one look at my two pits, mutter to themselves & walk away. People like that dont deserve an explanation. Occasionally, people will actually walk up to me telling me how beautiful they are, & I launch into info mode, turning one person at a time from haters to lovers. It's a challange. but it's worth it!

Barked: Mon Aug 23, '10 8:13pm PST 
Everyone has a pit (or mix) where I come from xD. We even have a law against BSL, sort of ('viscous dogs shall not be determined by breed...').
Usually I get "Oh is that a pit bull?! I have one too!".


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Barked: Tue Aug 24, '10 7:35am PST 
It depends on who is asking. A lot of times when I am asked what a particular dog is, they are wanting to know the bloodline. That happens a lot with some of the smaller dogs. It also use to happen a lot with one of the red/rednose females I had; she was from a well established line of chocolates, but had a really nice (full) coat with awesome coloring.
Sienna, NPC,- CGC

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Barked: Mon Aug 30, '10 10:38pm PST 
I used to always say pit bull. Then we got her DNA tested so I felt I could more accurately say that she is a staffie mix. Not that the DNA test even tested for pit bulls anyhow. If people let me I explain this a bit. Sometimes people are shocked she's a pit bull.

Barked: Thu Sep 2, '10 4:29pm PST 
I say pit mix because I am very proud of her as a dog and as a breed. Of course people assume for themselves that shes a pit so it saves me time and aggravation. Most people love her though.I know my extended family does. They just hate when she wags her thick tail. big laugh

The 40 lb.- lapdog
Barked: Thu Sep 23, '10 5:12pm PST 
I always say she's a Pitt Bull. She's so sweet and loving, so my hope is that she'll change some minds about Pit Bulls.
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Barked: Sat Sep 25, '10 7:10pm PST 
I almost always say that Lilo is a pit bull. The way I see it is, why should I lie to people that won't matter in a day or two, anyway? Why does it matter what they think about my dog? I believe she can change opinions, but if they don't allow her to... that's their own fault. Some people will just never open their mind a bit. There's no point in lying, that's only letting them win.

That said, I do hesitate over the words "American pit bull terrier". Not because I'm afraid of their reaction... more or less because I'm preparing myself to either A) Defend my breed of choice and my dog and possibly educate or B) (if I'm having a bad day) Calmly walk away. I noticed the other day that I hesitate a bit over those words... when someone asked me what kind of dogs I have and I replied with (it's always in this order, always) "A corgi mix, a shetland sheepdog mix and... an American pit bull terrier."

Sometimes people surprise me. When a guy at Wal Mart asked me what kind of dogs I have while I was buying toys for my dogs around Christmas and I said I had a pit bull, it actually struck a conversation between me and him. (He had Akitas and also, gets rude reactions from the way his dogs look.)

(Though, for some situations, saying "Mixed Breed" where you can get away with it can be helpful. But those situations are completely different.)

ETA: Also, as I mentioned briefly above, telling the truth can sometimes lead to a chance to educate if the person is willing to listen. I have had quite a few interesting conversations where the persons opinion was changed. Why pass up the chance to educate? Teach one person something, he'll teach a friend, that friend will teach another friend... and it will be a cycle. There will be some people who listen, and some that don't... but if even one mind is changed... well, that one mind will be that much wiser.

way to go

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Marley Bob

Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 10:45pm PST 
We recently added a pitbull to our family to the delight of my children, my boxer and my pug. The only person I haven't been completely honest with about our beautiful addition is my 82 yr. old widowed neighbor, but that is only because my pug scared the living daylights out of her. As you can see, my pug is not scary to most people, so I told her my pit was an Am.Staff...she was satisfied and I didn't have to deal with a possible heart attack victim

Barked: Wed Oct 13, '10 1:01pm PST 
I tell them she is an American Pit Bull Terrier in a proud "I'm-A-Mommy" voice. Then I give her lots of love and she flops her tongue out and wags her tail and most people love her anyways. Of course, I have had people ask to breed her or give us dirty looks but I just go on with my day.
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