When someone asks what kind of dog you have

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Hopeless- Optimist.
Barked: Sun Jun 13, '10 12:57pm PST 
What do you say?
Do you tell people you have a pit bull? Or do you lie to avoid dirty looks and bad reactions?
Theodore aka- Teddy - **CGC**

Big Head. Big- Heart.
Barked: Sun Jun 13, '10 4:50pm PST 
If someone explicitly asks me "Is that a pit bull", I respond that yes, he is a mix. However, when people ask me generally what he is, I will reply he is a mixed breed.

The truth is that I don't know for sure he is a pit mix. He was a rescue and has some bully in him somewhere, but honestly it could also just be a square hound or lab head. Who knows smile

Ha Ha, you can't- catch me!!!!
Barked: Mon Jun 14, '10 5:30am PST 
When i am in my Apt complex i just say he is a mix, so people don't go freaking out and make my landlord scared. When i am out i do say he is a Pittie Mix. My vet says he is a terrier/boxer mix. When we asked if they meant APBT or AmStaffie and boxer mix they just kinda said yes. I think they were afraid to say his a Pit mix.

Molly Bird

What? You said- sit? Ok I'll- jump on you!
Barked: Mon Jun 14, '10 11:06am PST 
I calmly reply with "American Pit Bull Terrier."
I either get a dirty look or irresponsible people asking me if my fiance and I want to breed them.
I've even had a family member who hadn't seen me in years, ask my what kind of dogs I had. When I told her she told me I should have my Pit Bulls put down because she's seen them on Animal Planet/Animal Cops they're dangerous.
My jaw dropped. I really wanted to tell her that I've met way more mean Chihuahuas (she owns one) and have been bitten by them but never once have I been bitten by a Pit Bull. But I just smiled and said, "well not all Pit Bulls are dangerous."

Changing one- mind at a time - APBT style
Barked: Mon Jun 14, '10 9:27pm PST 
I tell them what he is, an American Pit Bull Terrier. I usually don't get a lot of bad looks from it with Daddy amazingly, some people even comment that they used to have them growing up and what great dogs they can be.
Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Thu Jun 17, '10 9:02am PST 
I usually say, "This is my best friend Turner, he's a pit/boxer mix and the best dog I ever had." Usually by then he's won them over with his sweetness. Then I get to tell them why he's the best.

Bruschi CGC

Barked: Sat Jun 19, '10 11:11pm PST 
I proudly tell them that he is a rescued Pit Bull. Why wouldn't I? I am not ashamed of my chosen breed, I am PROUD to be a responsible Pittie owner!
AA's- Ultra-Violet

UKC Super Dog- #60, CGC, TDI
Barked: Mon Jun 21, '10 10:39am PST 
I usually say she is an American Pit Bull Terrier, and I usually get a dumbfounded look or "is that kinda like a pit bull?/ is that a type of pit bull?" Depending on my mood or the person I'm talking to I will either answer... APBT is the technical name of the breed/ the term "pit bull encompasses many different breeds of dogs, or I give them a sarcastic remark about the APBT being a totally different dog and this is the show version and about my APBT being a "rare" breed.
Dolly - RIP Old Lady

Old Dogs Are The- Best Dogs
Barked: Sat Jun 26, '10 7:22am PST 
Dolly comes to work with me, and people often ask what kind of dog she is. The majority of people are surprised when I say pit bull, I think because their mental image of "pit bull" is so much different than what the breed actually should look like. They usually say "oh she's so small" or "oh is she purebred?" or yesterday I had one person say "but aren't pit bulls more wrinkley?" shrug

I Pinch!!
Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 12:33pm PST 
I always say pitbull- most of the time he's already won people over by the time someone asks- because he loves people so much. I don't really get many people that make nasty comments regarding his breed, although I have had a few say things like "Oh, he's so sweet- he must be mixed with something else. Maybe he's part lab?" Grrrr! laugh out loud
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