Tear staining

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My handsome new rescue Eskie has ugly tear stains. I purchased a tear stain liquid cleaner Gold Medal tear stain remover which I have been using on him twice a day for a month. I am also giving him Angel Eyes natural powder--not the one with the trilosan antibiotic in it. Neither product seems to be helping. I also brought him to the vet a month ago and he did have to go on antibiotic eye ointment for a week for a low grade eye infection which has clear up. Any suggestions to get rid of the tear stains. They look pretty bad and really detract from his appearance.

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Hi! When I first took my Charlie to the vet as a puppy he told me in order to avoid the staining is to give them only spring bottled water, even if you have a filter in your house regular tap water simply has too much in it. The cause is a certain bacteria that grows around they eyes and feeds off of the stuff in the tap water, I NEVER give my guy tap water and he always gets compliments on his beautiful eyes smile

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I clean my eskies eyes daily with water and a cotton ball because he gets some crusties/goop sometimes and we have not had any problem with tear staining as of yet but he is still very young

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I have two American Eskimo/Sheltie Mix dogs one is eye stain free and the other one gets the eye stains. Both have the same diet and water supply. I tried the filtered water for several months but it didn't seem to make any difference in Maya's condition. I then tried washing Maya's face around her eyes with sterile saline (the kind you get to clean contacts with) I just wash her around eyelids two or three times a week to keep the brown crust away. If the eye drainage is a lot or gets crusted I use one drop baby shampoo in a about two ounces of sterile saline to soften and wash the area around her eyes. Now my sweetie has a fresh face to great the world with.