My Eskie sheds pretty bad.

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Barked: Mon Jul 4, '11 11:21am PST 
Does anyone have any advice on lessening this? Aside from brushing her daily, which I do.
Jack- (Bubbles)

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Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 5:09pm PST 
Aside from brushing, not really. I've got two of them, and they both blow their coats during the summer. They are supposed to. It's the undercoat that is being blown. Jack (Bubbles) blows his coat more than Gypsy Road does.

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Barked: Wed Sep 28, '11 2:24pm PST 
They blow their coat twice a year. this would be getting ready for their winter coats. Brushing and the furminator Helps!!!

We also use coconut oil as a supplement to help reduce shedding.

Hope this helps!

ps. i vacuum my furniture and my floors twice week.


Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 1:26pm PST 
I use to shed all the time even though i was brushed 3 times a week untill my daddy realized, he had to use a small wire comb and take 1/8 " partings starting from the back under coat and worked his way all around. My shedding decreased by 80% it's time consuming but really works well.
plus, I get a surprise for behaving so well smile