Is this breed right for me?

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Young at Heart
Barked: Sun Aug 31, '08 1:49pm PST 
Hello American Eskimo Dog owners....our family is trying to decide right now about getting this kind of dog. Everything I have read about them seems great but I talked to a few people and they have said no way steer clear...these dogs bark a lot and are highly aggressive to strangers which seems opposite of what I have read. Since you guys know them best having them and all can you let me know whats the deal. Are they good all around dogs or what?

Little- Firecracker
Barked: Wed Oct 29, '08 2:27pm PST 
Have you had any interaction with an Eskie? We're part of the spitz family, so we can be a bit more stubborn or bull-headed like a Husky, but we're also lovey pups. Look up Eskies here on Dogster and start there to learn about my breed. Personally, I greet every person with a lot of happiness and love. I do give a few barks if someone comes to my front door or there's a stranger in my house, but I don't carry on once my family has told me it's okay.

Good luck!

Wags & Woofs,
Poppy -- 5 month-old Eskie happy dance

I just looked at your profile page and see you have an Eskie family member that joined in Sept, so you must have made your decision! smile Congrats!

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