Nipping and Nawing

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Barked: Fri Jul 18, '08 4:28pm PST 
Hi all, we just signed up today. My kids and I LOVE our AE dog Champ. He was one in March ( so still a pup ), BUT, any advice and nipping and nawing.... i.e., I'll be sitting on the couch, he wants to naw on me like a bone. I shove a bone in his face, pushed him off the couch, put him in time outs, etc. He gets better, but then does the same thing. Not all the time, but at least once a day, usually in the evening before bed. Champ has plenty of bones, toys, etc. He also nips and naws at the kids as well. This is his only REAL BAD habit. I do not want to put one of those shock collars on him. Any suggestions???? Help!! Thanks!big grin

Barked: Wed Nov 11, '09 10:39am PST 
Ours did the exact same thing. He always seems to want to have something in his mouth. My sister is a vet and she says to hold their mouth shut just enough that he/she feels it. Then tell them "no!" once in a strong voice and then turn your back on them. She also said you can try saying "ouch!" when they do bite and then turning your back on them. Hope this helps!

Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 1:42pm PST 
Hey, Hope Champ is getting better with the nipping. when my boy Chase was a about that age he did that and alot more almost chewed through my bedroom door. I started to take him on longer walks & more play time and that did the trick. All Eskies need lots of exercise. It made a world of difference.
hope this helps