Who Is Purebred?

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I LOVE- everyone!!!!!
Barked: Sat Nov 15, '08 9:37am PST 
Yep I sure am!! In fact, both my daddy (Ethan) and gramps (Lord Ashton) from honeynuttcockers.com are Champion Show Dogs!! How cool is that?! If ya wanna check out site be sure to go to Fun Page.
See ya around!

wave way to go blue dog
PH/CH- Murphy's- Hidden- Treasure

Mr. Attitude!
Barked: Fri May 22, '09 9:13pm PST 
i am!!
both my mom and dad was a BIS winner..
i only got the CH title, but im happy though!! happy dance

Is it time to- eat?
Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 10:41am PST 
I am! wave

♥Lizz- ie - CGC♥

I am the- Princess- everyone loves- me!
Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 10:56pm PST 
I am and so is my adopted sister! dancing cheer snoopy hamster dance blue dog

Mommy's Little- Princess
Barked: Tue Aug 18, '09 5:28pm PST 
I am
Chloe Jane

Care Bear in- Disguise
Barked: Tue Aug 25, '09 8:45pm PST 
I am!!!!
Bless the- Wings-Dandy

just be happy- and healthy
Barked: Sun Aug 8, '10 5:49am PST 
I am 7 month called Dandyblue dog
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