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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 10:27pm PST 
I am thinking about getting an American bull dog. However I am not entirely sure it’s the right breed for my current situation. And the information I have received about the breed has been mixed at best.
I live in a small house about 64 m2 in a simplex. I do have a very small garden that is separated by a 1200 mm high fence to my neighbours. I leave early to work and only get home around 6 in the evening, Otherwise there is no-one home between when I leave to work and when I get home.
I am very active person on weekends and do not mind taking the dog for walks every evening after work. I like the American bull dog because it’s a good guard dog, and its strong and muscular appearances. Also it has a loyal nature.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Kind regards

Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 6:54pm PST 
the American bulldog is a strong breed yes, good gaurd dog, but this means they require someone who knows how to be a good leader. While they can be very mellow around the house... they still need lots of daily exercise and sometimes a walk isnt enough (Theyre smart dogs!). Do a lot of reading on dog ownership in general... its similar to bringing a new child into the home! The rewards are worth it though, great breed.