American's and skin problems!

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I have a 1 year old male American that has skin problems. I have had him on every lamb and rice dog food i can find and afford but they just don't seem to help! Has anyone tried salmon oil for their AB's??

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I have both, they're similar dogs in a lot of ways. The boxer is easier to excite and more toy obsessed.
With the correct training, both would be great with kids. Even though our boxer is smaller than our AB, he'd be more likely to knock over a small child if he happened to be too excited (which would be rare)

...and this has posted in the complete wrong thread.

I had my AB at the vets today, she has had really soft stools and has an awful rash on her stomach, the vet said that the skin rash and diet are not related.

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Me and my brother both got a rash and hair loss and our doctor told us we are overly sensitive to dog mites one treatment and everything is better now.
Good luck.


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I was wondering about skin issues too. Is it possible that when their fur is so short you notice skin stuff more? Callie has balding on his elbows and I'm trying to heal the various cat scratches before he adds more...nose under cat tails...bad idea. Any suggestions on how to give him all around a more healthy coat?

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I have an american bulldog with white hair. She has had skin rashes often since she was a puppy. After several trips to vet, dog food changes and very expensive shampoo and cream rinse, I tried a tip I found online and no more rashes!! I give her about 1/3 of a cup of plain, non flavored and non sweetened yogurt every day. She loves it. When I ran out and did not give it to her for a few days, she broke out again.

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Roc has had skin allergies since he was a small puppy but figuring out what he is allergic to is the hardest insects,food, grass I have changed food and flea meds and he seems to be doing much better. I read that doing a oatmeal rap will help scratched sore areas.