Over heating

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Mack daddy(- In loving- memory)

Mighty Mack
Barked: Sun Jun 14, '09 9:22pm PST 
Iv'e noticed the older Mack gets the less he can tolerate the heat. We live in Wisc. so it isn't a huge problem. Just wondering is this normal? He is going to be 8 and pretty healthy, I take walks in early morning and late at night and take water with. But as time goes on he seems to get heated up easier. shrug Any responce would be appreciated.smile

Milli ~ our new- baby
Barked: Sun Jun 28, '09 1:18pm PST 
I read your post & wanted to tell you about my ABs.
I had my first "Blake" he passed last Dec. at around 8yrs. old
( he was a rescue & we had to guess at his age) He over heated pretty easy too. Mack reminds me of Blake, so sweet!
Now we have Milli, she is 6 months & she too gets over heated fast. When we go for walks she ends up being the slow one ~ which never happens unless it's hot.
I'm not sure if it's the 'breed' or what.
Nice to meet you & Mack!
Take care & hug 'em lots!
Sandi & Milli
Mack daddy(- In loving- memory)

Mighty Mack
Barked: Sun Jun 28, '09 11:12pm PST 
Thanks for the response Milli, I guess they just tend to over heat and it gets worse with age.frown


I farted
Barked: Wed Jul 1, '09 3:31pm PST 
yeah Napoleon doesn't stand a chance in the heat and he's not even that big. It's 100+ here for a lot of the summer so it's hard to get him good exercise when it's so hot. I've cut back slightly on his food and try to get up a little earlier to walk him, but he still gets hot.
Lucy- (Looper)

You're gonna get- "looped"
Barked: Wed Aug 21, '13 5:44pm PST 
All bulldogs have tendency to overheat. The "bully" American is more prone than the "standard" breed Americans. It's because their noses are pushed back and it's harder for them to move air through their trachea to pant. They can suffer from heat stroke, never push your bully to exhaustion. If your bully is panting excessively or seems to be overheating, get him to a cool place. Get him water to drink, pour water on his chest, belly, & neck. That's the quickest way to cool him down. If he can't seem to cool down, his gums get dry or pale, he starts to look dazed- get him to an emergency vet fast. That's signs of heat stroke. My Looper can only walk about 1/2 mile on 80 degree days. She heats up quickly when she gets excited, too.

Member Since
Barked: Sun Oct 6, '13 7:41pm PST 
mine overheats as well, i take him for walks on a trail with a lake on hot days, drinking water will cool him down for a few mins, but swimming cools him down for the rest of the trip