How much did your Alaskan Malamute weigh from puppy to adult

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Just curious...
My male alaskan malamute pup weighs 23 pounds at 8 weeks old.
His father is a giant(31" at shoulders) and Mom is very small (20" at shoulders).
What did your Mal weigh as a puppy and how big is he/she now?
Any ideas as to how big mine will get?
Thanks for your input

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Alaskan Malamutes usually weigh anywhere from 75-90lbs for males, and 60-80lbs for females. There have been cases where Mals are smaller than this size and some way bigger than this size. My 6 month mal Spike currently weighs 80 lbs. His mom weighs 95 lbs and his dad weighs 140 lbs. He was the largest of his litter so my breeder says he could grow to be 150+ (not overweight, he is just naturally large)! It mainly depends on genes so get to know the size of his parents and it should be an estimate of how big your puppy will be. Also, feed him high protein food and switch him to adult food at the age of 7 months. Also, take your puppy on short walks and gradually increase the amount of walks as it ages.