Coat Cleaning Suggestions Wanted

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Got Food?
Barked: Fri May 4, '12 4:32pm PST 
So -- Kio and I are living with other people for the moment while I find a new job, and these people don't understand the utter misery that trying to dry his coat after a bath is (which is why he doesn't get bathed very often.) It was requested that I wash him, and since I try to be a good guest I went ahead and did that (and because he hates baths we also washed me, the porch, the planters, everyone standing around laughing at us, the windows, and a good portion of the roof).

During the subsequent "using 20 towels to mop some of the water out of his fur before dragging out the leaf blower" stage of the laborious drying process (he prefers the leaf blower to the hair dryer -- probably the pitch), I got an emergency call that meant an overnight trip out of state.


To make a long story short the people I live with _swore_ he would be completely dried to the skin, and when I got back about 30 hours later he wasn't.


That's about when he developed the stench (which, really, is suitably punishing for everyone.) I've bathed him again since then and it's barely put a dent in the horrible, horrible smell. His skin looks fine, he's not itching, no sores or anything, no redness, but the thick fur along his spine smells like an entire colony of mildew has taken up permanent residence. Anyone have any suggestions on things to bathe him with?

Since he has recently developed epilepsy and the vet is still unsure if he will have episodes frequently enough to require medication, I am reluctant to drag him in over what is so far just an olfactory problem (foreseeing multiple and more medically important trips in the near future.) Obviously, if it turns into anything else I will do that. Right now I'm just looking for over-the-counter darts to throw first. Thanks!

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Barked: Thu Jul 26, '12 8:49pm PST 
As a dog groomer, I groan when a Malamute comes in smelling like a moldy old tent. It's nearly impossible to get rid of, and simply bathing the dog again won't help. Trust me. We have every shampoo there is, and have tried everything from letting the dog soak in shampoo for twenty minutes to rebathing and blasting it out.

The only temporary solution we've found is using an odor neutralizing spray, and hosing the dog down. If anyone at ALL has a better solution, I am all ears.

The cheese ninja
Barked: Sat Sep 8, '12 8:29pm PST 
That's probably why Kodiak stunk for the first few months of his life. We get him shaved. It is just so much better for everyone. He can run around without overheating, he can swim and the water actually reaches his skin and cools him off (imagine that!) and he dries on his own like a normal dog. People say all sorts of nonsense about how their coat keeps them cool (right, because 4 inches of dense fur holding in body heat and attracting sunlight makes you cooler) but we do it anyway. We haven't let it grow back in, but friends of ours with a husky reported that the coat grew back in nicely after shaving, and maybe even a little softer.