What age to feed raw meat

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What is the recommended age to feed raw chicken wings and are the benefits better than just feeding dried food.

What is the recommended length of time you should walk a 12 week old puppy.
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My mal was super sick as a puppy (diarhea, sick, hair falling out, chewing bald spots)from when we got him at 8 weeks until almost a year. That's when we started feeding all raw diet (green tripe, chicken backs, beef hocks...) Instantly, his poop became perfect (if you can call poop perfect and after the months of runs we dealt with, I can say "PERFECT POOP!"), his skin problems cleared up and his coat was never so silky soft. We just rescued a second mal who had been neglected and was in rough shape when we got her (extremely under weight, missing patches of hair, bald tail, brown teeth) and after a few months now you would never know. Her coat is also gorgeous, her big bushy tail grew in and the bones cleaned all the brown off her teeth!

I was completely against raw for months but when we had exhausted all other options ($95/25 lb bag of limited ingredient kibble/2 weeks) I caved and it was the greatest thing we could have done. My partner researched all the health issues and how to ensure the safest way possible and we follow it. It is more maintenance (cleaning the bowls after every feeding, taking the food out of the freezer the night before so it's not a block of ice...) but that is all worth it to see how much healthier and happier my dogs are now!!!

Good luck!!!

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