samoyed -alaskan malamute mix

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Hello!We are thinking to buy a really sweet samoyed alaskan malamute puppy that is 8 weeks old. the problem is that we are building a house by our own that is going to be ready in about 2-3 months and then we are going to move there. I am living at the moment in suburb mow. I work on the building place 4-5 hours almost every day so i can take the puppy out after meals to the place that will become the final toilet place after we are going to move, but as we do not live there yet i need to take the puppy on a toilet place in the yard near the house we are living now also. i am thinking to put the puppy in a crate after meal and walk while i work on the building project...
what do you guys think will the puppy get confused with 2 toilet areas?