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Barked: Thu Oct 13, '11 4:38am PST 
Just a quick note to say hi, we have Riley a 2 year old very silly Malamute x Rotti. We live in Adelaide Australia. Rileys favourite past time is to eat everything, he has eaten anything you can think of including a couch! He loves to play catch and steal the washing off the line. While he is rough and very much a toddler boy he is also very gentle with our 15 month old daughter Ella. When she is with him he will follow her around like a bad smell and stand watch over her. If he thinks she is getting into trouble he will nudge her out of the way with his nose. We have another bub on the way and we are hoping he will take to this one as he has taken to Ella. He also loves the cat, Stuart, but the cat does not love him. Stuart is the only one that can put Riley right back in his place which is very funny as Stu is only the size of Rileys tail.


The Harveys