puppy biting help

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Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 2:11pm PST 
Our Alaskan Malamute is about 12 weeks old. Unfortunately after his first set of vaccinations he got quite ill and has only just had his 2nd first set of vaccinations. It will be another 4 weeks before we can socialise him or take him to puppy training.
In the mean time although he is generally good natured he tries to bite us all the time. We have tried to turn away from him and stop playing yelping at the same time, and do this consistently. But he is still doing this. Any suggestions on how we can change this behaviour would be very welcome.

Barked: Mon Feb 7, '11 5:17pm PST 
cash is five monts and i hate to say it but he still does the same thing although not as constantly as he used to. we ended up just keep a chew close by and when he started chewing we would put that in his mouth instead. he still prefers our fingers though. it gets better with time hopefully he stops after all his teeth come in

Barked: Sun May 1, '11 6:33pm PST 
First thing to determine - is his biting playful? Or is it aggressive?