Klee Kai coat color question

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Hey guys, my girlfriend and I are looking for a Klee Kai and we found one that is described as having an "rare agouti coat". My question is, can anybody explain what this looks like on a Klee Kai? I found out that a husky can get this color, but I've never heard or seen any pictures of a Klee Kai with it.
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Ask for pictures of the pup, and possibly of the parents? I've never seen any breeders with klee kai that color. :o Just the black/white, grey/white, red/white, and pure white. Make sure you ask lots and lots of questions.
Unfortunately, my first thought is that if you found the pup on the internet, it may not be purebred even if the breeder is listing it as Alaskan Klee Kai and pricing it as such. I'm not saying you gotta interrogate them, just make sure you know what you're buying. Ask if their puppies are registered and whatnot.