Separation Anxiety & socialization problem, HELP! :(

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Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 7:23pm PST 
Hey there!
Ponyo is 3 1/2 months old. He seems to have a bad separation anxiety problem. When either my boyfriend or I leave he'll cry, whine and howl. He also sleeps in our bed all the time. We try to get him to stop but nothing works. We tried leaving him in the crate but he'll just cry and bark. He also starts thinking of a master plan to escape. For the socialization part, He only stick around us and when others are around he gets really shaky and nervous. We were thinking about signing up for some puppy kindergarten classes but they're just a bit too pricey these days. Someone please help!! Thank You!

Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 9:25pm PST 
I would really recommend not letting him sleep with you guys. frown Having him sleep in his own crate its a step to help him become independent.

I've also read up that Separation Anxiety is very common in this breed and I'm dealing with the same dilemma with my puppy Kairi (about 3 1/2 months old too). But she's at the point where I can tell her to go to sleep and she will go to her crate. My boyfriend and I both work 8-5 Monday-Friday and she does whine and cry when we leave. She's not as bad as she was before has gotten a lot better.

Start off by leaving the room for short periods of time, where he can't see the both of you. Start off with 10 minutes, increase it to 30, and then an hour. When you leave, he thinks its the end of the world and you are never coming back. But by doing this, you are reassuring him that you are coming back. Do this often when you both are home. Also even when you are home and around him, put him in his crate for 10 minutes, 30, an hour while you are still in his line of sight. This will encourage him that crate is a safe relaxing place.

Also, you need to socialize him as much as possible. Introduce him to as many people as you can but not in huge crowds. Kairi is still unsure about people with hats so thats one thing we are still working on.

Also, puppy classes are the best thing you can do for your dog. If you live in Southern California(Orange County), I can recommend a good Dog Training and Boarding group. I paid $499 for Unlimited Training classes for 2 years, well worth it.

Also, most Petcos, from 11am to 12pm on Saturday and Sundays, have a free socialization classes you can sign up for. Call and see if your local Petcos are offering this.

It will be tough, but you need to be consistent for any of these tips to work.

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Hey, thanks for replying!
His anxiety is getting better now expect when my boyfriend and i come back he attacks us with kisses haha. Not that we don't like it but we don't want him to grow another bad habit. For the sleeping in our bed situation, no hope! we tried what you suggested and he just finds a way out (he's too smart for his own good!) These classes around my area are just SOOO expensive its ridiculous frown As for the Petco classes, how helpful are they? We signed up for their seminar but never actually made it =/ Oh yeah by the way, out of curiosity, what flea,tick and heart-worm medicine do you give Kairi? Ponyo had his monthly dosage already but they breeder only gave me one month of heart-worm medicine so I wanted to know? smile


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Hi Ponyo,
I really HIGHLY recommend some sort of obedience class. It helps teach you ways to train them (they can be very stubborn and are often too smart) and it's good for the dogs as it gives them some structure and socialization.
When we got Kiska, we signed her up immediately for puppy kindergarten, but we also made sure she did doggie daycare and we took her to puppy play groups. It's expensive, but I think it's also a necessary cost. Otherwise you might end up with a dog that's out of control and won't listen to you at all. (As a side note, there's another AKK I see at the dog park sometimes and he not only has aggression issues, but when it's time to leave, his owners spend at least 15/20 minutes running after him to try to put his leash on, since he won't come when called).

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It takes patience and consistency for crate training to work. For one, when he cries and whine, never give him attention or look at him in the eyes. As soon you look at him, he will instantly associate his current activity with the reward of your attention. For the first 3 weeks my boyfriend and I took turns sleeping next to the crate, gradually moving back towards our bed until she realized that we were not far away when it was bed time.

As for flea control, I give my other furry pets Revolution, so I give Kairi the same thing. I've never had a flea problem.

For any high energy dog, you should invest in some obedience classes. Petco and Petsmart has reasonably priced classes.