Questions about the breed

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The Princess
Barked: Sun Oct 28, '07 2:41pm PST 
Hi. I have just discovered this breed and am currently trying to learn more about it to see if it would be a good addition to the family in the future. I am not planning on adding another dog to the family for several years, until we move out of the condo into a house with a yard.

I have read a lot about the breed in the last few days but would love to know more about the breed from those who have them and live with them day to day.

My big question is this: I am a petite woman and I knew a Huskie would never do for me simply because of its size and dominant personality. Now as a smaller version of the Husky I know size is less of an issue (espcially if I go for the toy size) but is dominace still going to be an issue? I understand about the need for more socialization for this breed and will work on that (I take my 2 with me anyways so I will do the same with the AKK if I get one) as well as obediance school like I did with my other 2. Also I heard that these dogs like to talk to you. What is that like to live with? Is it constant and loud? All dogs bark and thats fine I am just trying to understand how much and the volume I guess. I live by 2 Huskies and neither of them makes a peep so its hard for the guess. Other then that this seems like a lovely breed and I don't mind socializing it more if thats what I have to do I just worry I won't be able to handle a dominant controling dog at any size and want to know ahead of time.

I appreciate the help!


Barked: Mon Apr 13, '09 10:23am PST 
Wow this is ooold but I'll answer anyway in case you are still interested! AKK's talking is super cute, and definitely not constant, and it's not real loud. My puppy does it mostly when we are getting dressed for work in the morning, or when we are doing something and not giving her attention and she's feeling ignored. It's sort of like a little howl sometimes. We've only had our puppy for 2 months, but she definitely does seem to want to be the dominant dog when she's around other pups. We took her to puppy preschool and she showed the bulldog (who was twice her size!) that she was the boss. She's VERY vocal when she's playing , so she kind of sounds mean and like she's trying to fight sometimes.. but that's just how she plays. Hopefully as she gets older she'll learn she needs to quiet down. She doesn't really try to be dominant over us though. I mean, she's a little 7 pound dog! I've done some little tricks with her that I've heard can let her know that you are the dominant one, like making her sit before you give her food, or before you let her in the house from the yard, or out from the kennel or wherever you keep them when you're gone.