The Best Christmas Present of All... Helping Those in Need.

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Learning to- trust again.
Barked: Thu Dec 24, '09 1:39pm PST 
Please consider donating to the following rescues which have helped save over 200 abused sled dogs from Canada and Colorado in the past month...

97 Abused Sled Dogs Rescued from Touring Kennel in Canada

Where Are They Now? A Follow-Up On the 97 Abused Sled Dogs From Canada, And The Shelters Who Saved Them.

100+ Abused Sled Dogs Rescued in Colorado.

Each link contains the stories and photos of the over two hundred sled dogs who were rescued from horrific abuse situations. The pages also contain direct links to help the organizations who rescued these innocent souls.

Please, consider donating to help these dogs out this howliday. God Bless.