PLEASE HELP! 4 month old Akita and Huntaway X

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Hi all,

I have just taken on a 4 month old Akita boy who has one blind eye and have brought him home with our other 8 month old Huntaway Border Collie.

They have met a few times now and got along great even though my Huntaway cross, is a very rough player. However, when we brough him home my Huntaway x temprement changed and he became very aggressive towards him in certain places in the house.
As we have an all open plan living and bedroom area there are no clear boundaries so its hard to define what he is being possesive over.

It has only been one and night and they have had a couple of altercations mainly started by the Huntaway but I am concerned that once my Akita grows a little more this will get nasty as the akita even though he is smaller at the moment is very staunch and doesn't back down and has even reteliated, he will easily kill my Huntaway when he gets older.

I really want this to work out as if the Akita can't get along together he has no choice but to get put down as the breeders don't want him breed from because of his eye condition and they don't trust anyone else to take him.

It is very early days but I am stressing out that they can't get along, can anyone offer me advice on this issue please? I am desperate as the Akita boy is a very lovely boy and otherwise not aggressive unless challenged and would be an awful outcome should he get put down.


Deney confused