Too perfect so far....??

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To start I have been around dogs my whole life, I researched for months before picking an American Akita. The breeder was hesitant but when I told him about my research and how my grandma has an acre of land, has/breed dogs for 30+ years he finally let me get Zeus! Lastly, my job gives me 6 months off every year which is perfect and when I am on my 6 months on my dog will come with me no matter where I go. I also plan on becoming a dog behaviorist and love my puppy to pieces.

The first day I got him he was scared to death of me and snapped at me a few times (he was 8 weeks), after that it just seems too perfect. I am just curious when will things change and what can I do to help keep them the way they are going based on other people's direct experience.

After just under a week I had Zeus crate trained and knows to only whine early morning when he needs to go out, despite what people say I take him out at about midnight for the last time and he is fine until morning 7-9am and has had no accidents to date - just once he sprinted to the door and I was too slow and he let a little out. But my know it all neighbor said that's cruel and no puppy will pee in his bed but that doesn't mean I shouldn't take him out every 4 hours to prevent bladder damage....is this true??

It has been just over 5 weeks now and I thought him all the basic commands (sit,down,come - sometimes roll over). His best friend is a 13 week old Westie pup who he sleeps with for a few days out of week when I am in the county. I plan on getting him on a beef tripe/kibble diet within the next 2 months.I just want to keep him so well manned into adult hood to ensure no unwanted aggression or anything that I can prevent occurs besides the socializing which he gets from my grandma's large and small dog plus puppy and family/friends and strangers on walks. I often get him to carry my water bottle, I don't know if it is a good thing but he seems happier then ever walking down the street with it. I think maybe because it is cold in his mouth.

The only thing I would like to change is every day without fail he poops on his walks....right on the sidewalk without warning - sometimes well walking!!!!, I move him to the grass and praise him but is there a way to get him to say "hey slow down I have to poop".

Also not to me or my family does he show any food aggression (he literally chews one end well the Westie chews another end of the same bone...even though they each have their own) but one day a random person went up to him on the porch and tried to take his bone well I was working on the car because he was "so cute and harmless looking" but he damn near took their hand off. They still thought it was cute but I got upset told them off and was honestly shocked. I know they can be an aggressive/protective breed but is it normal for that to start at only 13 weeks? Sorry for the longest post in the world.

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Yes,it is perfectly normal for an Akita to become very protective even as young as 13 weeks. All three that I have raised certainly were and from the many other akita people I have known and spoken to over the years they all have similar stories. It sounds to me like Zeus has been quite easy to deal with as in my experience very young Akita's usually are. My only recommendation to you would be to increase his socialization with other dogs and lots and lots of different people. As soon as all of his vaccines are finished he should be meeting as many new people as possible as often as possible in as many places as possible. It is recommended that an Akita puppy meet at least 100 new people before reaching a year of age and that type of socialization should continue throughout their lives to prevent them from becoming overly protective or aggressive with strangers. This will not change their desire or ability to protect their home and family. My dogs while in public are friendly and social yet are still very protective of our home and their family.

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I got my first Akita at the end of July and wondered the same thing! I guess we should just appreciate how great they are right now and work to keep it that way! Denali has been going to obedience classes since he was 10 weeks, and continues to have extensive socialization. I don't ever want to lose what a great pup he is!

It sounds like your pup started to show some resource guarding? Even as a puppy, I think you're right, it's something to watch out for! Denali gets obsessed with certain objects sometimes, so now I make sure he can willingly give up whatever he's holding. He'll still warn me if someone approaches the property or me if I didn't see them, but it's one or two warning barks and he's done.

Denali too, would poop right in the middle of the sidewalk when he was younger. Not sure what that's about, but he grew out of it. I think as yours matures, he will too. When they get older they start to "pick their spots" so to speak. As a young puppy he didn't care.

You sound like you have a great pup! Keep up the good work, keep socializing him and enjoy!