Questions on Hanks behavior.

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So Hank an american akita was born in January and has regular contact with his parents (my sisters). He is still young, however he has developed in to a brilliant addition to the family and is very good at listening.

This past week I had worked away, and he has stayed at our family home with 2 cats, 2 akitas, and a jack Russell all regulare visitors. They are absolutely amazing together and it is a must see!.

Anyway, I decided to take hank for his first camping trip where he revealed a few behaviors which were not apparent o the week prior. Just want some clearer insight into them really.

Hank has started being extremely weary of males, male dogs, cats, humans anything. Despite a lot of socialization he has become very defensive and will nearly always seek attention from females. No idea where this has come from, but all natural i guess? I think we have a good relationship, but recently he has been drifting towards my GF and away from me slightly. Perhaps like humans, mother/son, father daughter relationship?

Hank, generally has been EXCELLENT on and off a lead, adheres to all commands from myself. However today i found that when walking in a group (Consisting of GF, 2 kids and me) he is protective over my gf and the kids.
For example.. I am walking hank, with GF/kids in front. He will always pull forward infront of them with me and then just walk by my side perfectly.

However, if my gf was walking him. He is quite happy to stroll behind with me in front. Furthermore, if he is in front with my me, he regularly looks back and has to keep kids/gf in sight. But when he is with gf, he very rarely checks back for me. On one separate occasion today, he walked ahead with girlfriend whilst i carried the little one. They reached an open part where there are plenty of dogs. He quite surprisingly looked back, and waiting for me to catch up by the side of him and then we continued the walk.

I would like to think these are positive behaviors, however related to the "leader" role, so a watchful eye is needed. I also think we have a good relationship, but recently he has been drifting towards my GF and away from me.

Also, his dad is a very quiet dog. When he barks, its for a reason. However hank today, met a very yappy rottweiler who was inconveniently tied close to the parks bridge. Hank was very quickly to bark (nearly twice as loud) until we strolled past the dog. He would now bark very intimidatingly at anything he wants to play with! Quite counter productive, and he would cry as the quickly scamper away! My challenge of the week is to limit the barking!

Sorry for the lack of structure, but it has been a long weekend!

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All of Hanks behaviors sound quite normal to me. I can tell you as puppies(I have had 3 over the last 17 years) are a bit overly barky for about the first year and a half they are simply learning at that time to alert and do with guidance grow out of it. The watching of your SO and children is simply his wanting to protect them he is well aware that you do not seem to need that protection and seems assured that you are there to back him up as well.
Males do seem to more naturally take to women and females more to men but it isn't a mother/son father/daughter thing they simply are for some reason generally drawn more to the opposite sex. Akitas tend also with other dogs to be same-sex aggressive that however does not seem to get better with more socialization just worse with age as they mature,he may never like other male dogs but still needs to at least tolerate them. It sounds as if you have a good handle on things and don't worry although they may have a preference in who their person is they do learn to love and respect their entire human family and bond very closely with all of them.wishes