My akita wont poo outside

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Barked: Wed Feb 6, '13 1:01pm PST 
Need help with my akita pup she is now 16 weeks old and for the life of me i cant get her to poo outside she wees fine i take her out after her food and spend upto three hours waiting for her to poo but she refuses the second shes inside shes pooed ive crated her but she poos inside it i was advised to wipe her bum with a wet wipe to stimulate her to go but it didnt work all ideas welcome please x

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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 11:23pm PST 
Could you please explain how you potty trained her? What method did you use or how did you go about it? I know that seems like an odd question but I'm trying to figure out if there was perhaps something that might have scared or upset her that is making her choose not to go outside. For example is you rubbed her nose in it,or yelled at her for going inside,she may now be afraid to go in front of you. I'm not accusing,just trying to find an answer so that hopefully we can figure something out that will work for her and get her going outside,for now the only thing I can suggest is take her out to pee,bring her in,and as soon as it looks like she is going to poop get her back out even if you have to carry her,and yes,I know how hard that can be. I had a 50 pound puppy afraid to go down stairs and two flights between him and the back yard. I weigh just over 100 pounds and have a bad back,neck,and shoulders and I did it because I had no choice. Good Luck and I look forward to hearing more from you.