Bunny Killer

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Leila-I'm a- monkey face
Barked: Thu Dec 13, '12 6:29am PST 
My Mom came home early from work and let me out back on my own. If she would have been there I may not have been able to kill the bunny in the yard. When my Mom came out I brought her a tuft of the bunny fur. Mom kinda freaked out and was very unhappy when she seen the full bodied bunny laying on the ground dead. I killed it just like I killed the bunny that used to live in the house, by biting into it's kidney?shrugI went downstairs and cried because my Mom was mad at me.cry

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Thu Dec 13, '12 8:46pm PST 
Bunny's are prey to Akitas,even my sweet well behaved much beloved pair that I have raised from puppyhood have managed to kill a few who have gotten in under the fence and weren't seen before they were let outside have been victims. It is not fun,not something we encourage but accidents do happen and with Akitas it is pretty typical that they will not like an animal that does not belong there in their territory. The only exception my pups make is playmates that are known and invited in properly through the house. My first Akita a mix,killed my 10 year old himilayan cat after 3 years of peaceful coexistence,that was a shock and quite horrifying. I had gone to walk my mother to her car,heard a scuffle,and got back in the house just in time to see the cat run bleeding behind the sofa,by the time I was able to move it to get to her,she was gone. I know in that case there was no intent,Mattie in fact tried to nudge her pal to get up and even tried to lick her. I was very suprized and upset but now fully understand why it is suggested you not have small animals in your home with an Akita. They however are not the only breed to kill small animals any breed can do so. We simply do our best to limit the chances of anything happening but do accept that as natural hunters,some dogs have more prey drive than others it does not affect the rest of their nature and temperment. We also taught our pups "leave it" and they will give up the chase when told to do so. hug