Restless Uncontrollable Akita please HELP....

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Right this is the routine EVERYDAY... I open the door to walk my dog (he has a large kennel and is an outdoor dog we have a small garden though)... As soon as the door opens hes waiting there for me... The moment the door opens the jumping starts he continusly jumps up at me non agressive... sometimes he spaz out and run back and forth in the garden or pick something random up and chew it this is happen really quickally but normally its the jumping... then i put the leash on him and we go on walk HE pulls me along with all his might to a bush takes a wee on it then pushes me with all his might to the next bush to wee on it he dont listen to me when im walking him and generally dont listen to me i dont know what to do im running out of options i just really dont know how to deal with it... ANY help would be appreciated Thank You... (he is 10 Months Male no snip)...

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Why is he kept outside away from his family?
It sounds to me like he needs more attention and exercise.
He is getting way too,excited when you walk him.You need to spend some serious quality time with him. Akitas are a huge commitment and need people who are informed about them and know that they can handle the dogs needs before they get one. Akitas bond very closely and although they can tolerate being kept outside it's not ideal so that they can bond properly,they need to be heavily socialized heavily the first few years of their lives to avoid over protectiveness and agression issues and need lots of mental stimulation and a reasonable ammount of exercise. We have 2 they go for at least a thirty minute walk every morning and evening,have several training reinforcement sessions of 15 minutes daily and spend usually an hour outside playing with us and as much time as they want with each other.If your boy isn't getting 3 to four hours daily of exercise,training and socialization he's bored.
Try to give him a good walk and work on some play or training,if you can't or don't want to do some research,and raise him properly,please consider rehoming him. I don't mean to be rude but Akitas are never a breed to go into lightly. I did 10 years of research and still thought carefully about wether or not I could handle the work required. To not do the research,and go into owning an Akita and think that it can be raised like any other breed is what causes problems and makes them illegal to own,hard to get insurance coverage for incidents,and leaves people like me to have to work twice as hard to show what wonderful dogs they really can be.

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I agree with Mika&&Kai. Your dog doesn't sound "uncontrollable" but rather extremely bored, both mentally and physically. Lobo gets taken outside for only two hours at most in the summer, but the time he's inside is usually spent with very short 5-minute training sessions. Akitas should not be left outside all day (no dog should, actually). As Mika&&Kai said, they're very social with their family and adore being with their human family. They bond closely with their humans.

If you cannot take the time to properly care for and train your dog, I also suggest finding an Akita rescue, or rehome your dog.

I suggest clicker training for your dog. That is what has worked best with Lobo.

Staring Clicking Training (do this BEFORE actually beginning to train):
http://www.clickertraining .com/basics

For Loose Leash Walking:

For Recalls (because you will need that, too):