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Nervous Akita Puppy

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Milo bear
Barked: Tue Aug 31, '10 10:42pm PST 
I have a 6 month old Akita puppy (milo) that is scared of a lot of things. Sudden noises like opening a trash bag startle him. He's really friendly with me and my family but anybody he doesnt know takes him a while to let them pet him and even then its not something he seems too thrilled about. Taking him out on a walk he's fine but if people are too close he shifts to walking behind me instead of beside me. Almost like hiding from them. He doesnt ever throw bites out of fear but he hides very quickly at the sight of a child. He's not an overly anxious dog and he's never been abused. He's been like this since I got him 3 and a half months ago. My other akita is great with EVERYONE. kids, cats, other dogs. He's patient and always confident. I'm worried that Milo will get older and his nervousness will only get worse. I want him to be friendly with people without loosing his "protector" trait. Scout is great with people i introduce him to and very observant with a stranger I feel nervous around. Almost as if he's watching their every move to make sure nothing happens to me. I dont know if this is a typical akita puppy trait because I adopted scout when he was 6 years old.

Woo Woo!
Barked: Thu Sep 2, '10 12:45pm PST 
Milo, the akita forum is pretty quiet. You may want to join the akita-listserv and ask your question there.

To subscribe, send mail to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM with the command (paste it!):


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Barked: Thu Sep 2, '10 12:46pm PST 
Also, you can check out the shiba inu forum - they are similar to akitas in many ways. It is a very active forum.