Hi,Im new here.

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Barked: Mon Sep 28, '09 6:03pm PST 
My name is Kai and I have just joined dogster.
My big sister Mika has been a member since June.Her human mommy is going to adopt me from my doggie mommy in about 8 weeks. She wants to make sure she does her best to make my leaving my mommy easier and make sure my sister won't have a big case of sibling rivalry.Can anyone here help a little guy out?

Barked: Sun Oct 11, '09 10:04pm PST 
I am also new here and my Dog zorro is small for his age i think.He is about 75 pounds at 14 months.

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Barked: Mon Oct 12, '09 6:21pm PST 
Come on over to Akitas and friends there's alot of great people,akitas and threads fullof information on akitas.Don't worry too much about his size,although you see alot of really big Akitas in the show ring they are not all that large.Mika will be 3 in December
and when we had her spayed this past May she weighed in at all of 70lbs. and since her spay (she lost 10lbs andhad to have 2 surgeries
due to an allergy to the sutures) she is all of her original 70lbs. The vet told us for her build and frame her weight was perfect. If you can feel his ribs easily but he doesn't have bones sticking out everywhere he is probably the size he is supposed to be.


Barked: Fri Oct 23, '09 8:52am PST 
Kona is 2years old now, she is all of 85 lbs and healthy. all you realy need to be concerned about is your dogs health. if your dog is healthy you are quite lucky and trying to put on wieght is not going to help anything. However.... you could try walking your dog more and getting it to exercise and you may gain muscle mass and thus gain wieght, be prepared to feed your dog more!

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Barked: Sun Nov 1, '09 3:29pm PST 
Sabre is almost 2 and about 76 pounds. He's very athletic, mostly muscle. He plays with his friends like crazy and runs with me. I think he's ok the way he is and am not worried.