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First, let me introduce myself. My name is Deborah, and I have two dogs...a rescued, (almost) 13 y/o, red Standard Poodle named Roxy, and a 6 MOS old Airedale named Reilly. Roxy's manners are impeccable. Reilly is...an Airedalesmile He's my 3rd, so obviously we love the breed. He is currently in obedience training and doing very well. Our first goal is for him to earn his CGC.
Our area holds many outdoor events all spring and summer, and we've always enjoyed taking our dogs with us. This last summer, we went to an arts festival and were dismayed that, for the first time, they were banning dogs (except service dogs). They had a pet sitting area, but I don't leave my dogs with anyone I haven't checked out myself, so we left.
I wrote and asked why the policy change, and they responded with a laundry list of legitimate gripes, but I strongly suspect it was a case of the minority of dogs and owners behaving badly, thus ruining it for the majority. So.....my husband and I came up with an idea: What if there was a sort of 'Canine Passport' that could be issued only to dogs who had successfully undergone a certain level of training and whose owners had passed some sort of competency? Event organizers could allow these dogs to accompany their owners to all areas of the event except where they are banned by law. Under our proposal, bona fide service dogs (verifying that one could be tough) and dogs who have earned their CGC would be eligible.
Though I can vouch for my dogs' good behavior, I'm nobody. Dogs who have their CGC, however, have been evaluated by an objective, accredited individual, and that, I think, would lend credibility to the passport. At this point, my own dogs wouldn't qualify under my proposal, but I'm willing to put in the work to make it happen.
My questions: First, what do you think of such a plan? Second, do any such programs exist in your area? If so, I'd love to be able to contact them to see what this whole thing would look like, fully fleshed out. Third, should a private group be doing this, or should we try to talk the city or county into running it? Any thoughts would be welcome!