Adopting an older retired breeder

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The Urban- Hounds- (Formerly- the

Every dog must- have his day.
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 5:53am PST 
After looking for a brussels or affenpinscher in rescue for a long time. I heard of a brussels breeder who had older dogs she wanted to place in homes. She was not a good breeder at all and I would never have gotten a pup from her but I figured an older dog for free would be like a rescue (I really wanted to rescue a dog) and I was prepared to deal with the health problems. Zira does have kidney disease. I am very happy with Zira and glad I gave her a good home. I would not mind getting a dog in the same way again.
I know that some not very reputable breeders advertise older retired breeding dogs. Either the dogs have been spayed or they need to be spayed. An example ishttp://www.belgianbuddies.com/ Which has available adults. I dont know if these places are traditional puppy mills but I would not get a puppy from them. However, I am wondering if people think there is anything wrong with getting an adult dog from these people and then giving it a pet It worries me to see for example that Cosmo on belgian buddies may be sold as a breeder dog. I dont want to support bad breeders though, but I am considering perhaps getting some future dogs in this way. I am definitely full up with dogs for now though. Part of my reason for thinking about this is that rescues in my area are extremely picky about small dogs. Most require a home with no other dogs and an owner who is home most of the day. Often there are 50 or more aplications for one small dog. I defintely want to have small dogs in the future and I'd rather help an older dog then get a puppy (at least some of the time) Im wondering if this would be an ok way to get them.
Bisou CGC- TDI

Boney Baloney- Face
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 7:15am PST 
thinking I've thought that too. I wanted to adopt an older female papillion. shrug

I also answer to- 'Pretty Girl'
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 9:22am PST 
To me, it is similiar to adopting a rescued puppy mill dog. (Sophie is a puppy mill rescue.) Bad things happen to the older dogs when they stop 'producing,' unless a rescue is able to get them or someone is willing to take them. So, I say go for it. As long as you are not buying their puppies, I don't see why it would be wrong.


Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 10:02am PST 
Go for it!

We've considered taking Grace's Mom when they're done with her, because I'm worried what they'll do with her if we don't take her. (As of date, she's had 28 puppies in two litters. They're going to breed her once more, and want to twice, which I consistantly beg them not to do.) Her "breeder" is nothing more or less than a fancy schmancy backyard breeder. Grace's Mom has the most incredible temperament of any dog I've ever met. (There's a Bullmastiff for you guys if you want one! She'd fit in great with you all!)

The way I figure it is these dogs all need loving homes, too. If a home that's capable (or you, more than capable) of providing them with the love, medical attention and care that they need, why not?

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The Urban- Hounds- (Formerly- the

Every dog must- have his day.
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 11:44am PST 
Well this is not somethign Id be doing now since my pack is quite full, but Im considering in the future. To me i tseems like a rescue. Zira has, despite her medical issues, been an easy addition into the pack. she has none of that crazy puppy energy and just likes to snuggle. She is good with the other dogs but does not like them right on top of her. If htey get to close she does a growl and a yip, I think the other dogs in her old home where poorly supervised and ganged up on her because she really is quite submissive. Has anyone seen the belgian buddies website www.belgianbuddies.com. They have available adults and it breaks my heart to think of them breeding poor Cosmo again.
Grace-I think it would be a lovely thing for you to adopt your momma dog. Its horrible that she is being used as a puppy machine.
Lucy Louise

Just call me- Grandma.
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 8:47pm PST 
"Bad things happen to the older dogs when they stop 'producing,'"

For certain! That's why I see nothing wrong with this. You're not supporting their business by buying their puppies, but instead you're probably saving the life of a retired breeder who can no longer produce. So go for it! When you have a spot for another dog, that is. wink

Because I'm- Duncan, that's- why

Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 9:43pm PST 
I agree with Lucy and everyone! As long as no money is changing hands, that is a rescue as true as can be.way to go
Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

My Angel
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 10:39pm PST 
I just wanted to add that just because a breeder has older dogs sometimes available does not necessarily mean they're not a good breeder. Some breeders feel a dog would be better in another home when they are 'retired' and it's great if a breeder keeps their older "retired" dogs but some dogs would be happier getting their "own" home.
The Urban- Hounds- (Formerly- the

Every dog must- have his day.
Barked: Sat Aug 23, '08 5:20am PST 
I know that good breeders have retired dogs too and ive considered going that route. The place I got Zira from though is not good, they bred her and she is no where near standard and she has not had good health care. Since no money changed hands I considered it resuce. Some questionable breeders though are selling the dgos for a low price. I dont like the idea of them getting money, but I hate teh idea of the dogs being used for breeding purposes by someone else. The website I was particularly looking at is www.belgiabuddies.com. It says Cosmo is 400 with neuter contract and higher with breeding rights, I hate the idea of a dog like this being bred but I also dont like the idea of supporting the breeder.

Kickin butt now,- takin names- later
Barked: Sat Aug 23, '08 10:47am PST 
I don't see a problem with it if no money is being paid. Now, I also don't see a problem with getting a retired breeder dog from a reputable breeder for a small fee either. I have considered it in the past. I cannot handle puppy energy anymore, I'm too old (29, but feel much older wink)

After getting Winnie, who was obviously a breeder dog in the past, and all her neglected health issues, I would probably not go that route, I would want to rescue in the traditional sense of the word. Thats just me though.

And I do agree, not all breeders are bad, but unfortunately, there are bad ones.
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