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Hometown: Brisbane, CA


Nicknames: Jojo, Punk, L'il girl, lady

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Age: 14 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: swimming, going to the movies and A's games, small dogs, playing in water fountains (fountain-junkie), playing with balls and catch with us, softball (outfield), cuddling, her sister, meeting friends, going on events/parties, agility

Pet Peeves: her main dislike is people and dogs than don't have good energy. The ones that seem unpredictable and obnocious. I don't blame her ;o)

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Nicknames: Panda, Monkey, Janda

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Age: 13 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: Working, swimming, hose/water sprinkler, her ball, events/parties, agility, softball (shortstop), her cats, her sister, a full house, airplane, A's games and movie theater

Pet Peeves: Annoying dogs. I can feel with her..

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Chief Majestix the Impeccable

Nicknames: baby boy, pop, papa, bob, punk, puppy

Breed: Italian Greyhound/Cairn Terrier

Age: 4 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: zoomies

Pet Peeves: nothing

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