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Hometown: Dobie Power, MO


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The family of Hershey and Van Winkle
The family of Walker (Angel Boy), Alexandria (Sweetest Angel),  Molly,  Pookah   , Edwina (Angel Eddy) DG#1 and more!
The family of Charlie, Abbie, Teddy, Maggie, Sam and more!

Nicknames: Poochie, Dee, Sunshine boy, Mr. Whiney, Stubber, My hansome

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Age: 15 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: I love to catch flies - yes flies and I is fast!!! I get along with most other dogs - and if they don't get along I leave them alone. I have one special toy that has to be in my food bowl when I eat. I love Ripping fuzz off tennis balls too.

Pet Peeves: Humans not doing what I want them to do - like going to bed on time or feeding me on time.

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Nicknames: Ty, Sunshine boy, BOO-BOO, TT, TY TY, Tiberius Scrumptious

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Age: 11 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: I LUV TUMMY RUBS...and FULL Body massages - Being out in the 3 acre yard. Taking Dylan's toys away. Sitting on people.

Pet Peeves: I really don't have any. Maybe Dylan being too close to Mom Sometimes.

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Angel Roman

Nicknames: Stubber, Romeo

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Gender: Male

Likes: Roman loved being on the dock or boat and watching fish in the water it was his ultimate favorite thing. He liked to watch and mess with squirrels and fish. He was a great guard dog too.

Pet Peeves: Squirrels on the power line chattering at him until it drove him mad.

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Nicknames: Princess Puggle Butt, Blondie, Piglet, Missy, Girly, Jialicious, Gigi, Bindi Sue (Crikey!)

Breed: Pug/Beagle

Age: 9 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: More than anything I love food. Anykind of food. Bugs, crumbs, snakes, worms, feed me!!!!!!

Pet Peeves: Im a happy happy happy girl. I love everyone and everything. Sometimes I get a little growly when I get picked up - but I don't mean nuthin by it.

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Two Dobies and a Diva

Breed: Doberman Pinscher/Pug

Age: 14 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: Jia and Tiberius love to run and play.. Dylan joins in sometimes...

Pet Peeves: They all like to lay in front of the fire place on their bed and catch the warm air that blows out of the blower. They push each other off the bed!

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