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Hometown: Gold Beach, OR

☠ Trixie ☠

Nicknames: Trikki, Trikkers, Trissie, Piglet, Taco Dog, Little Heifer

Breed: Chihuahua

Age: 10 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: Treats! Mom's lap, the heater, sunshine, car rides, sleeping under the covers and Lots of toys and playing Fetch with them. Wrestling with Buster on top of Mom while she tries to sleep!

Pet Peeves: Cold, rainy days, manicures, the scary mittens from Peru and Granma's hat

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☮ Buster ☮

Nicknames: Buster Doodles, Buffer, Bust'a, Hey!, Get over here!, Stop that!, O.K. that's enough-Shut up!, Get off of me, please?

Breed: Breed Unknown

Age: 14 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: Treats, Car rides, sleep

Pet Peeves: Lucy Ruth (the Cat) and Trixie (the OTHER dog) and anyone outside, cows, OH! and manicures

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☣Lucy Ruth☣

Nicknames: Mao, L. R., Roofie, Rooty Toot, Killer Extraordinaire ( thank you Sammy Sue)

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Age: 20 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: A nice warm place to sleep, hiding out for varmints and bringing them to Mom :-(

Pet Peeves: The Stinkin' Dogs...

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PyriteCosmo, Forever Loved♥Meisie♥ ♥ Ko Min ♥Peanut ~R.I.P 5/22/10~
TeekahScruff MacDuffBaby Ben CGCSparky The Wonder DogLula
Natalie ~ Cruise DirectorBuddy Doughnut *CGC*ESA*ChipperDaisy~ CGC ♥ TDISugar
♥ Maggie ♥♥Lord Pippin♥SophieJosie, NPCZak (7/20/01 - 5/15/13)
Cody 1993~2010LaSsiE❤Angel LovedJosie♥Spike♥Millie
Tinker Bell ForeverNellySmooch the Pooch Trixie Bean!Darby
AbbieTeddy, CGCAngel Poana 5/5/06 - 1/2/13Sadie, GBeAD-C1♥KILALA
☆ Max ☆Tank at The Rainbow BridgeWinston ChurchillAfro KenCosmo
Joey (girl) RIPTillie*Leila*
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