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Hometown: Sherwood Park, AB, Canada


Nicknames: Poop, PsychoPup, Freak, Abs

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 14 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: Herding toys or horses, Agility, Agility, Agility!

Pet Peeves: Dogs who get in the way of a good game of fetch!

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Gucci RIP (2005-2015)

Nicknames: Goochie Poochie, The Goochinator, Gooch, Peabrain, L'il Sucker

Breed: Maltese

Age: 12 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: Her creature comforts - mainly the human creatures

Pet Peeves: When her sister steps on her

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Nicknames: Rhy, Little Rat, Mini-Freak, Wild Child

Breed: Papillon (and Phalene)

Age: 9 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: Running and growling to her hearts content

Pet Peeves: Not getting her way

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AGMCH Quasi(modo) VGA ATChC

Nicknames: Quasi, Quaz, L'il Basturd, Little Monster, Mr. Modo

Breed: Papillon (and Phalene)

Age: 5 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: wrestling and tugging

Pet Peeves: being touched on the ribs

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ShilohGraceBenSky♥Bella Summer (Bella)
OdysseusQuincy, 2001-2014TikaSamBLUE *** MISSING ***
NaliTreoRajah Q.CaffreyThe Air Up There SJ DSA "Abbey
Pongo (2000-2007)Ruby NAJ NA OAJ OAGray Dawn TreaderPITA ~ CGC AwardMILO IN LOVING MEMORY
MonsterBodhiMurphyLaci Noelle ~ In Loving MemoryTyler
Jet (In Memory)Makayla CGC OJP RAEJasperBellaAngel Mica-the wonderpup
ADCH Blazing Fire NA, NAJIzzyMika MADC, MJDC, AG.N.J., A.G.OuzoBandit
JohannBenSamiSawyerPepe Le Pew
Axel Gizmo aka "Gizzie"!~Bella~! Gus-GusMirra
Mollie MaiLunaKody
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