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Hometown: San Diego, CA

Angel Coty **CLF**

Nicknames: Coty Wolf, CoCo, Selective Hearing, Coty Wolf Super Dog, Gorgeous Boy, Handsome Man, "Ruler of All Chew Toys"

Breed: Collie/Shetland Sheepdog

Gender: Male

Likes: He likes his chew toys (he's the chew KING), going bye-bye, butt rubs and playing ball in the house. People, people and more people! Did I mention I likes people? (BOL)

Pet Peeves: Skateboards, bicycles, motorcycles and the trash truck! Izzi drives him crazy. He hates for Riley to get a toy out of the toy box (BOL)

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Angel Riley

Nicknames: Stinky Butt, Riley Roo, RiRi, RiRi Super Guy, The Navigator (when we drive), Cry Cry, "My Sweetie", Bubba, Stink Pot, Stinkerbelle, Pokey Joe

Breed: Australian Terrier

Gender: Male

Likes: →Loves to snuggle, kiss to get out of trouble and be chased. Likes long car rides and going to the park!! He lvoes to harass his siblings!! BOL!!

Pet Peeves: →Front paws being touched, skateboards, baths and trash trucks. Also, the vet and his nails clipped. Being moved or disturbed while sleeping (found out about that one the hard way). Anyone leaving the house without him. Izzi biting my face (BOL)

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♥ Angel Izzi ♥

Nicknames: Miss Izzi Lu, Princess, Chica, Big Izzi, Izzi Wizzi, Miss Barky Barkalot, Big "I", IzzaPoop, Miss Piggy, Lady

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

Gender: Female

Likes: She loves her family and toys, toys and more toys. mainly stuffed toys, playing ball and stealing shoes! She also loves snuggling her boy RiRi. The most fun is making Coty mad. Taking toilet paper off the roll (that's fun and costly too...)

Pet Peeves: Trash day! She hates the trash truck too. Skateboarders, bicycles, motorcycles, all forms of moveable transportation and baths. Riding in the car!!!!

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Nicknames: Griff, Griffey, Griff-a-rooney

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Breed Unknown

Age: 5 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: Walks, playing, eating, treats, chicken

Pet Peeves: Strangers, big dogs

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