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Hometown: Hippyville,CA


Nicknames: Madow, Puppers, Bubba!

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador Retriever

Age: 12 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: I LOVE Tug Of War!

Pet Peeves: I HATE when they bark at me and I KNOW they aren't dogs!

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Nicknames: Beni, Bubba, Googly Bears, Bud Buda!

Breed: Dandie Dinmont Terrier/Miniature Poodle

Age: 19 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: I LOVE chewing on my toys and sleeping in mom's mushroom chair and cuddling with her on the bed!

Pet Peeves: When they tease me with my toys!

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R.I.P Rocky Dog

Nicknames: Puppers!

Breed: Pomeranian

Gender: Male

Likes: He loved to go on walks! Anytime I would say "Wanna go on a walk?" he would freak and start to jump!

Pet Peeves: When you would say "Wanna go on a walk?" and then not do anything!

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Nicknames: Shasta Frass, Goob, Nasa, Sugar, Lu Lu, Ru Ru, And More!

Breed: Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd

Age: 9 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: Teasing Her Big Sisster Bambi [Rabbit]!

Pet Peeves: Scratching Her Belly untill her Leg Twiches.

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