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Hometown: Montreal, QC, Canada

Tatianna (In Loving Memory)

Nicknames: Tat, Tatters, Pattate Frite, Sweet Ladygirl, Circus Dog, Miss Wigglebutt

Breed: Irish Setter

Gender: Female

Likes: Cats, small dogs, and puppies. Stalking and chasing squirrels up trees (though I'd never hurt them). Playing ball at the dog park!

Pet Peeves: Being left at home when mom goes out. When she's at the dog park, and you've forgotten to bring a ball (*d'oh!*).

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Princess (In Loving Memory)

Nicknames: Princey, Bubbie Dog

Breed: Collie

Gender: Female

Likes: Cats; camping with the family.

Pet Peeves: Hated young kids who screamed and pulled at her fur, yet she never bit anyone.

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Bobby (In Loving Memory)

Nicknames: Old Man, Zeidy Dog, Drooly Boy, El SeƱor Muchos Bobbos

Breed: Irish Setter

Gender: Male

Likes: Wiping his drooly face on my pants and then "laughing" and wagging his tail at my reaction. What a sense of humour!

Pet Peeves: Someone kicking him off HIS couch. Anybody touching his arthritic tail.

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Pandora (In Loving Memory)

Nicknames: Pan Pan, Pandor, Pusskito, Little Kitty Love

Breed: American Shorthair

Gender: Female

Likes: Whispering sweet nothings in her ear, purring cheek-to-cheek, tunneling under blankets.

Pet Peeves: Her sister, "Mickey", kicking her off of her favourite perch.

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Mickey (In Loving Memory)

Nicknames: Mickey Babe, Mickey Sweet, Medusa, Psycho cat, Chicken Cat, Little Thief, Miss Chips

Breed: American Shorthair

Gender: Female

Likes: Sleeping on her human's pillow so that she can get the best view of the TV; hunting birds on TV. Rolling around in the luxury of a dry bathtub -- soon to be the next Olympic sport!

Pet Peeves: Being excluded from an activity because she damaged something. Getting her nails trimmed at the vet -- takes 2 people to restrain her! (The vet nicknamed her "chicken cat".)

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