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A Gentleman's Journal from Over the Rainbow

As I Look Down, I feel Sad

September 4th 2009 4:03 pm
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September 4, 2009

As I look down from the bridge, I feel sad for the animals that have not survived the fires of California and possibly Athens, Greece. I over heard my cat sister Bastet and her furmaly crying and heard and felt the prayers coming up through the rainbow and going above for these animals. The horse locked in the barn, the cats left behind while their human families went to a shelter.

Then I flew down to help them join me at the bridge and as I did so, my heart lifted with joy knowing they would be my friends and not suffer from pain any more.

This morning, I looked over Bastet's shoulder, my earth cat sister while she wrote her diary and this is what she wrote:

"It pains my entire human family and furamily that we do not have a list of animal friendly shelters and hotels. By 'we' I mean all of us on Catster/Dogster.

Some of us live in wild fire proned areas, volcanic areas, earthquake areas, hurricane areas and tornado areas.

My family lives in VA and are blessed with the fact that these disasters are rare.

However, many of us face these disasters every day. I wish that at some point, HQ could find and post animal friendly shelters and hotels on the site somewhere. Therefore all of us would know there is a place of safety we can go and keep our furmaly together; save lives, and recover together; not mourn our loved ones killed in the disaster.

Athens, Greece at this time is experiencing wild fires like California and we have been in touch with our Greek furrends. So far the ones close to the fires are safe. But for how long...

Please, if anyone in HQ could gather a list first in those areas (after the change over crises is over) you would be saving may lives.

A,aaaa,,aaaameow...Maumi is picckkinngg meee upppp furrrommm mmy soappp bbox.....


I think Bastet has a wonderful idea. What do you think Dogster PAW furrends? After HQ cleans up after the mess with the scooper and does away the growling, snarling, hissing, and spatting and retracks the fangs and claws, maybe they can get a list together beginning with the most active areas.

You know even those of us on dogster/catster could be safe houses for our furrends in need. I know Mom would be.

Just an observation from the bridge



Struck by Lightning

May 30th 2010 5:59 pm
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Late Thursday into the wee hours of Friday morning, one of the worse lightning storms struck the area around my earth home. While the storm raged for hours, my angel sister Heidi and I flew all around our earthly home sprinkling angel dust trying to keep our Mom, Dad and Cat sisfurs safe.

Lightning struck all around the house right to the ground and in one big strike, which sounded like a bomb, two trees close to the back of the house were struck sending tree bark flying into the house. The force of the blast shook the house and rolled Mom and Dad out of bed. Within a few minutes another blast that lit up the sky and house, struck another tree which also jolted the house, but not as severe as the first. And I thought they said lighning never strikes twice in the same place. You should see our trees and the holes in the ground.

They were blessed because the worse damage was splinters of the tree all over the deck, the back and front yards, soot on the deck and deck furniture, holes in the ground, a terrible smell of sulpher and no media until late today. Even though the phone, internet and TV were dead, there was electricity in the house. Mom was able to briefly get on the internet before it died.

Poor Mom was almost late for school on Friday because her alarm clock stopped precisely at the first strike....and she didn't know. This is hard to believe considering the alarm clock is battery operated and is set by the atomic clock.

Mom got up in time to throw on jeans and a sweater, clip up her hair and grab a bowl of cereal as she ran out the door. Good thing it was 'jeans day' where she could look more casual.

Mom feels bad she hasn't been able to send gifts to her furrends, and send thank yous to everyfur. If they read this...thank you fur all the gifts for Heidi and I and for all our Cat sisfurs.

After reflecting with family members today, they feel very blessed that they are all safe and the house is safe after one of the worse lightning storms in the area.

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