Sable Snoote.

Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog
Picture of Sable Snoote., a female Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog

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Home:New Orleans, LA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 13 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Sable-snoote, Snib, Snibby, Snibby-Wibby, Wibby, Snimp (overweight era), Ma Chere, Snibblepottamus, 'Pottamus, 'Pot, Count Snibula, "The Fat, Spotted Menace", Smiley McDingoface, Sloppy Snoote.

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:
-purebred-part feral-pound dog
-dog rescue

February 14th 2001

a full candy dish -- WALKING with her Daddy! -- being vacuumed -- my singing the "Snibby Songs" to her -- her daily eye, ear, tooth & paw check-up -- lying with her dwarf bunny Luna & getting nibbled for hours & hours...

an empty candy dish -- tickling the hairs in between her toes with my knitting needles while she is dozing -- jealous Sixx biting her face while i am singing to her -- ALL the carriage horses in the French Quarter.

Favorite Toy:
the squeaky sandwich -- the cowie -- Luna the dwarf bunny.

Favorite Food:
candy ): {good taste: particularly Nips & Werther's}, her candy necklaces; mini carrots; LOVES to have some of the red leaf romaine bunny lettuce & will eat an entire head at once, (grabs it like a shark)!

Favorite Walk:
the local trail... ANYWHERE in the French Quarter or Marigny!!!!!!! (lots of free num-nums!)

Best Tricks:
the stealing of the candy - being Snibby - effortlessly catching rapid-fire popcorn -- helping us corral one of the pet bunnies when it is time to go in the housey -- defending the nexus.

Arrival Story:
august of 2001, i was petting & admiring this gorgeous puppydog on my way into a corner store on Esplanade in the French Quarter... (i had my little Dachshund with me). a person came out & asked if i would like to puppysit this little girl they had just gotten; "of course!!" i was asked to find a nice name for her, so i named her "SABLE", because of her BEAUTIFUL coat, ("sable" is French for sand, but the Sable animals are blue-black, as she. the babysitting was longer than expected, & i actually wound up with her permanently, (as if i could have given her back at that point!!!) she got along great with Gretch my Dachshund & the fat cat, Meow-Meow, & i just love(d) her to pieces! (: (: (: i found her just after i met my husband, & she turned out to be our first new little family dog!!! --- come to think of it, i was going into the store to buy candy; hmmmmm.... "man;s best friend" has come into question for me.

Sable is part Blue Heeler & part Catahoula Leopard. She has no white or brown patches or masks like other Cattle Dogs & Blue Heelers, but rather the finely-speckled Blue Merle all over. she has amber eyes, & is a little taller with a slicker coat than a regular Blue Heeler, much like a dingo. she is the PERFECT match for Skidboot, the Grand Prize Winner of the First Season of "Pet Star" on Animal Planet, & she would be pleased to date him.

Forums Motto:
Give me candy or give me death!

The Groups I'm In:
"DOGSTERHOLICS", ♥ Steve Irwin Memorial ♥, **HANG~N~WITH THE BIG DOGS**, ACD-L Dogs, AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY, Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Cattle Dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs & Blue/Red Heelers United, Australian Cattle Dogs United, Cattle Dogs Forever, Cesar's Dogster Pack, Dogs with SPOTS and DOTS!, Happy Heelers, Rescued Puppies with Great Rescue Stories, ~~~*♥Dog Park USA♥*~~~

The Last Forum I Posted In:
Skidboot the Cowdog

"I have a Pepper Coat!" -- if you are not sure what that means (Quizno;s), there is a great article & photo here, & then the video here. i think Daddy said they were pulled because they were so disturbing, (evidenced by Mommie;s abject repulsion), but they were catchy, (evidenced by the fact that Daddy sings about my "pepper coat" all the time).

Celebrity Snib::
everyone wants her autograph when we go out. (she will sign anything for candy.)

a Snib by any other name...:
she used to snuggle & nibble in the mornings to wake me up... nibbling my neck & the side of my jaw. i was giggling & barely awake, so one morning i giggled & yawned & said: "you snuggly Sable, stop nibbling!", but she started with her kissies mid sentence, & it came out "sanopmalibbling" & i re-spoke & it was still "snimibling" because i was cracking up at this point. the more i laughed the less successful i was at speaking. so the "Snibble" started. Daddy was already calling her "Sablet", & the two combined to "Sniblet"... so, "Sniblet" became "Snibby", & "Snib". actually, i found a game online, written by some college guys: "Snibby the Snotrocket": (you are a little blob, Snibby, who goes around a grid like DigDug or something, & you can shoot giant colored SNOT at your enemies; actually pretty fun, & i love being a Snibby!). also, the Urban Dictionary has SNIBBY as an entry, as yet another another adjective for like "cool", "right on", "super", "awesome", "GREAT", etc., which, you know, is true! ((: they also have it as a verb (British) meaning "to close up", like "snib the door", or again as a noun, as another word for pot, (but what isn;t these days???) also, they listed "Snibble" as a verb for "sucking / nibbling combined", just a coincidence -- i had never heard it so far. so, Snib/Snibby is her regular name, (she knows she is in big trouble when "Sable" is uttered, unless "Snoote" follows it), & "Snibby" is used to describe everything that reminds us of her or is like her. for instance, when i find new Blue Heelers on here, i blow up the page, turn the laptop toward my Husband & say, "look, how Snibby!" ((:

so...... how did YOU get your silly names???

Sloppy Snoote::
sigh. when Sable drinks from the water dispenser, there is a giant spray similar to the "Splash Zone" at the whale & dolphin show in SeaWorld. the boys, including Mister Sixx with his big ol' chops, are somehow much neater; no table manners for Snibby.


FlickR Snib::
while searching "Heeler" on FlickR on Mardi Gras with Maggie Mae;s Momma, FOUR of Sable Snoote;s ((BEST)) photos came up on the FIRST PAGE of results!!!, along with many other fine Heeler dogs. (this page included 24 photos out of about 3750+ total "Heeler" photos.)!!! these photos have all been posted there for a couple of years, so it was not because they were new, (i guess they too love Snibby.) i had a few friends try in different geo areas, & they got the same Snibby results!!! i tried again today, & she was still on the very first page. (: go, 'Pottamus, go!!! ((:

Rap Sheet::


3 snootes enter; 1 snoote leaves::
the boys gang up on her & she whips the fur off of them two at once. Ghostie! is wiry, but a lot taller & longer, & Mister Sixx is a big fat Panzer tank, but Snibby invariable is victorious & hands them their tails. (:

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December 20th 2004 More than 9 years!

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The Life & Times Of Snibblepottamus...

hole in my head.

July 16th 2007 3:35 pm
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well, we have been fostering a "special needs" big German Shepherd Dog Nikita, (& i mean BIG... she is like a cruise ship!). she is not too friendly. i have already put her in her place several times, even though she is three times my weight. well, she got uppity again a couple of weeks ago, & mommie stepped in. this prevented me from dodging the way i do, (Blue Heeler talent), & i got a nice hole from her fang in the side of my head, with a bunch of air bubbles, too. sigh. i have had to have wet cotton strips pushed into the hole to have it heal correctly, & i had to wear this *&!$%! Elizabethan collar around my head, because i do hate that bandage, & i rip it off every chance i get with my dexterous paws, (another Blue Heeler trait). well, when i came home from Auntie Gloria;s saturday night, i was happy to see Mister Sixx & Ghostie! they were really happy to see me, & i was glad that mean German Shepherd was finally gone, (she found a wonderful home on a great farm with horses & goats.) well... Mister Sixx rushed up to say "hello!" & while we were all squirming around, this plastic thing on my head -- the *&!$%! E-collar -- cut a ;piece of his ear right off. oh, there was sooooo much blood; he was just drenched like a sundae. mommie took good care of him & now, well we both have silly bandages all over our heads. he does not pull his off however, & this is making me look reallllllly bad. mommie is soooooo upset about his ear, (you know she has those symmetry issues, just ask poor Ghostie! with the crazy eye). i feel so badly for my brother, & i wish i could take his pain away & give him his beautiful ear back. )): he is getting lots of treats; i am not. i guess it is because he is good & just lies there, whereas i am a trickster & rip off my bandages all day.


Miss Maggie Mae!!!

March 9th 2007 2:49 pm
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maaaaaaah-gee MAY.... maaaaaaaaaaah-geeee MAY!!!

boy, oh, boy... what a visit Mommie had with Maggie & Auntie Amber. yes, indeed! i almost feel like second Heeler around here she was in so in love with the two of them!!! (i am hoping part of it was just the weather.) but seriously, folks, Mommie does love her doggies, & Maggie is a fine, fine little Heeler. (i say little because she turns out to be a bit smaller than i, & not just because of my low-thyroid fatness, which is now under control, but she is a cute little mini-Heeler.) she got tons of great lamb & chicken liver cubes, (in the recommended amounts, of course), & i sent a Snib-scented plush "crawfish" along. (it was really a lobster, but i had to work with what was available.)

anyhow, they all just had the best, best, BEST BEST time, & i sort of made out well since Daddy went on a junk-food binge in Mommie;s absence, & there was lots of beef jerky & those sorts of things here for a change.

i just can NOT wait to play with Miss Maggie!!! she is a real firecracker from her videos that Mommie has. that is in the works, for sure. plus, she is part blue, so i love her even more! i got to see her playing with a Gretchen-looking dog; how funny!

i am having a grand ol' time watching SillySixx with these crazy bouncy bouncy balls; he is on a steep learning curve lately though, except Ghostie keeps stealing & hiding them: Ghostie is a true Interloper, (hence the nickname). i was willing to catch a few, by my forte' is catching edible items; Mommie & Daddy are less than pleased about that. i guess between the weather & the sneaky thyroid problem i got a little off of my game; i have to work on that.

Tante Amber sent home the most wonnnnnderful treats, along with the bouncy balls -- & they alone are enough entertainment: watching Sixx work himself into a tizzy. these pig ears, let me tell you. they were two to three times the size of any pig ear i have come across in my days; Holy Crow! that was one fabulous evening. there are also some great dog frisbees that i cannot wait to try; hopefully i will not again land on my throat -- (don;t ask).

there is ONE pig ear left, & i am using all my Snibby powers to earn its rights; say a little prayer for me, eh?

Maggie is just a little darling, & her Mommie seems to be amazing: truly special, amazing friend, needle in a haystack; thank you Dogster! this place is a dream-come-true: two happy-as-can-be Dogstresses loving dogs all day! they had lots of fun back home in the French Quarter, meeting lots of great dogs, great times together at home, & had a big crawfish party where lucky, lucky Maggiesnoote got to meet a real live one; if only i had been there! i could have shown her a few good moves from my days wrangling fresh seafood creatures in the Bywater & Marigny... not to mention when Mommie came home with stuff from K-Jean!!! we would have been showing even Maggie;s Daddy a few things!!! well, someday very soon! very, very soon!!


good GRAVY .... !!!

January 9th 2007 9:52 am
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well, Mommie was correct, hairline fracture; "heeled" up (ha-ha!) in no time with crate rest & the Rimadyl. but guess what? they stabbed my poor blue arm & did a "mini wellness panel", (remember the cool purple Prince bandage?), before they put me on the medicine. although, it was a Saturday, the results would not be back until Tuesday, so what is the point, as i would ALREADY have been on the Rimadyl for three days?!?! duh. anyhow, the thing showed my kidneys were just a tiny bit up, which is most likely because i was in the crate since the night before & not drinking AS much. plus, PLUS, there were really not many other values available, ("mini"), & without that it would be hard to know what it meant, since calcium, phosphorous, amylase, & albumin would be very helpful in figuring out what this is. anyhow, i, & Mommie, are pretty sure it is just the mild dehydration. anyhow, guess what? my thyroid was pretty low!!!! RATS!!! this explains those 5 extra pounds i have put on, because Mommie is super careful with foods & our weight. (Gretchen was the sleekest wienie around!) Mommie just knows it is from that rotten, horrible, God-awful, hellacious Immiticide treatment i had to get right after Mommie got me. the first person that had me for a few months did not give me heartworm medicine, & EVERY DOG in Louisiana -- Mosquito Heaven -- will get it if they are not protected. it was a nightmare!!! kill the wormies & they break off & get absorbed & excreted. & things that harsh, other toxins, etc., can blast the thyroid. mine is a 0.7 with 1.2 being the lower-limit of normal. they want to put me on thyroid pills twice a day for the rest of my life. ICK! Mommie wants to give me some natural thyroid boosting pills & drops first, because, my thyroid is working, it just needs a little support, & we will see where i am at. those thyroid pills can be tooo peppy, & we do not want that. the natural booster compounds will make it shape up & get back to work, while the replacement pills will just make it lazy(er). this sucks, though. ughhhhh. this does not surprise me tooooo much, because the vet DID forget to give me the pre-med anti-inflammatory before my awful, awful Immiticide treatment AND they gave me too much. i was literally writhing around on the bed & clawing at the walls & crying all night; Mommie was beside herself. THEN, i had to stay like pretty much crated for eight weeks, because it can give you a blood / worm clot in your lung once they break free, so you have to stay quiet & not get the blood going too quickly or forcefully. ICKKKK! but you are supposed to be perfectly healthy after treatment, so i guess it was good. if only they had not blown my thyroid!!! we will work to get it back to normal. it was funny, when Mommie asked about retesting & getting the other lab values that happened to not be included in the "mini" panel, the vet said, get this, that we could get the rest of the tests from the blood that was left in the lab. HUH??? this was after they already talked about the fact that i was DEHYDRATED when they drew the first blood! so, why get more tests on blood that was not a good sample in the first place??? ughhhhhhh again. there are WAY too many vet mistakes; & these are different vets; not even differences of opinion, just out & out mistakes. anyway, we are going to just get my thyroid boosted up & see what happens then. i even stopped taking the Rimadyl as soon as they got the telephone message about my kidneys, before Mommie was able to get them on the phone to nail down what was happening; even though Rimadyl is mostly with the liver, NSAIDs & kidneys do not mix well. four days after the message, Mommie figured it was from the mild dehydration, but before that she had already just stopped giving it to me, not knowing what the kidney "problems" were.

on the upside, my leg is just fine, fine, fine; no pain at all. so hairline fracture it was; all that rotten crate living & "no furniture" helped. yaaaay.

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